Kristen Stewart Continues Her Stylish Streak at the NYC Screening of 'On the Road': Love the Look (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart Smolders at NYC Screening of 'On the Road'
Kristen Stewart Flashback
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Is disgraced Twilight star Kristen Stewart attempting to win back the hearts and minds of fans with her chic new look? Showing off two winning ensembles during her first public appearances since news that she cheated on her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson came out, the On the Road star has definitely earned the love of fashion critics.

After wowing us with her hot style at the Toronto International Film Festival in a sequined floral Zuhair Murad sheath and long raven locks, the actress stepped out in a chic adrogynous look for the New York screening of On the Road.

The black-and-white outfit was more on-brand with Stewart's tomboy style -- but it was definitely a far more sophisticated take on her edgy look. Stewart updated her slouchy ALC pants with a Balenciaga shirt left unbuttoned to reveal a black silk tank and simple pendant. Black Jimmy Choo sandals added just enough edge.

But it was Stewart's hair and makeup that took her monochromatic look to the next level...

In stark contrast to the minimal makeup and half-up 'do she sported at TIFF, Stewart gave her tomboy style a sexy twist with a smoldering smoky eyes and nude lip paired with high hair that seemed to say, "Eat your heart out, R-Pattz."

If Stewart is trying to win back Pattinson with her smokin' new look, it may be working. “We’re going to be fine,” she told The Associated Press at TIFF over the weekend.




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  • Madeline Griffin
    Madeline Griffin

    I think that people like to blame Kristen becuse it easy and if it was a 22 year old boy it wouldnt be a big deal. stil today knowbody is saying anything about Rupert Sanders .T feel thathi and his wife had somethinge to do with all this mess with Kristen Stewart and for Robet Pattinsn where was he when all that trouble going on with kristen i thought he love her. yes i know he was mad at her but thy was Friend for 4 year get mad but you dont leven that person to face the world all by them self.

  • lmw931

    I don't understand why she is getting the entire blame for the affair, she isn't the one with a wife and kids. Yeah she made a mistake we all do, nobody is perfect, and you cannot deny that she looks amazing here.

  • Celeste Montgomery
  • corihu

    Good article Celebuzz. I see her crazy and blinded fans can't tell their brains from a baked potato. But she does need to win her fans back, Rob's respect back and popular opinion back. She lost it with her acts but she looks like she's on the right road. Please don't cave to their ridiculous and bullying ways. Its exactly how LeAnn R was treated by overzealous fans that cross the line.

  • Sam Slee
    Sam Slee

    Love the eye makeup but will never understand why any makeup artist would contour her face. Makes her look gaunt and reminds me of how sick she looked before giving birth in BD1.

  • Xi

    Somewhere out there Rupert is having a "private moment" with these pictures ;)

  • Xi

    The funny thing is that these "rational" fans would never support her if she had screwed their husband lol

  • mileyismylife

    Wow, she just gets even more beautiful everytime i see her! so envious of her beauty and style.

  • elle

    and what does your action say of you as a person?

  • elle

    and i assume you're really beautiful..inside and out..

  • elle

    she wins by learning from her mistake and becoming a better person. And she shouldn't mind those who try to bring her down, those who keep on pointing out that she messed up, they are not saints, we all make mistakes, some of these people have done even far worse than what she did.

  • elle

    that's true, she used to look real healthy, now she's a bit gaunt. I am glad she is moving on. What she did was not okay (I can relate to Liberty, having a friend betray me by having an affair with my husband, but I have forgiven my husband and moved on) but there is no point for people to keep on going back to the affair when the people involved are tryint to get past it.

  • ProudKrisbian

    a true Kristen fans NEVER left. duh...

  • Camille Ugonna Anikwe
    Camille Ugonna Anikwe

    what they hell is wrong with you people,you are all talking as if you are perfect,you sit down and talk about her as if she isnt human or it isnt actually happening to her ,thisis her life you all are refering to am not saying what she did was wrong but she apologized to everyone even thou its none of our buisness and she is trying to get past this incident.if she wants him back GOOD,cause i think they really look good together and he is go for her but for God sake cut her some slack please people

  • Claire

    You're so boring, is the type who would give an arm to seem minimally with Kristen, hypocritical ..... must be a kid idiot!

  • Claire

    You're so boring, is the type who would give an arm to look minimally with Kristen, hypocritical ..... must be a idiot kid

  • Claire

    She is wonderful, you can get lost in his eyes ... I'm so happy for her back in full force, I'm a proud fan and I'm excited to see OTR ...... she is amazing!!

  • Jeff

    Until she opens her mouth.

  • SparkyCat

    Huge bunny ears! Cover them up and brush that ratty hair

  • kvaughn75

    Who says all her fans left? I'd say the majority were disappointed but realized this is between her and Rob, and Rupert and his WIFE. Period. We are focusing on her career, and part of that is selling the movies she's made. Part of selling is putting yourself out there as an actress and being seen, and to do that one needs to put their best face forward. If she walked onto the red carpet looking like a homeless person critics would be making fun of her. She can't win no matter what she does or doesn't do.

  • kvaughn75

    She meant judgemental and self-righteous, those who live in glass houses...

  • ap

    it doesnt make any difference what she wears.its her actions that count that want made her a person.beautiful clothes can take away that she has no sense of moral values ,stupid and so immature

  • ap

    if rational means being blinded by her beauty and condoning and putting a wool in front of your eyes of her actions for being so stupid,immature,dishonest.lack of mral values and self control.yes ,we are not rational fans indeed

  • ap

    clothes doesnt make a person your actions does.thats her way of winning Robert back.condolence to her.Robert is not a shallow person .

  • mary

    I love that Look looks really sexy, and kristen eyes are most beautiful massaged to Yes.

  • Elena

    She looks gorgeous <3

  • theshow

    huge ears, huge chin... and too average.

  • Alex

    Cheating skank or not, we still blindly love you like the sheep we are!

  • someone

    she looks good,just wish she would put some weight on cos she seems to have lost a bit

  • nina

    oh man, she wears pretty clothes and nice make up and all is good now! And people hated her PR team! LOL

  • iloverob

    omg she looks super hot!!! I loveeee everything in this look :D keep it up sexy kristennnnnnnnnnnnnn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Suzanne

    She looks terrific. Keep it up Kristen. There are some rational fans out here that still love you.

  • erwen

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