‘Lincoln’ Teaser Trailer Released: Daniel Day-Lewis Takes On the Historic President (VIDEO)

First Look at 'Lincoln'
Steven Spielberg reveals poster for Abraham Lincoln biopic.
'Lincoln' Premiere
Disney sets release date for Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln.'
Oscar contender alert!

With Academy Award shoo-ins Argo, Cloud Atlas and The Master hitting the film festival circuit, Steven Spielberg’s biopic Lincoln is finally making its presence known as its teaser trailer hits the web.

The film, which stars two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, centers around President Abraham Lincoln’s time in the Oval Office.

Lincoln itself is a moody and somber epic what many expected from Spielberg, though most of the film’s premise is still relatively underwraps.

When can fans expect another look at Spielberg’s epic?

The famed filmmaker — along with Lincoln star Joseph Gordon-Levitt — will be debuting the movie’s full trailer on Thursday, Sept. 13 as a part of a special Google Hangout presentation.

But fans will have to wait to see the entire feature as Disney announced in July that Lincoln won’t be released until November 16.

However, Lincoln is not the first film about Honest Abe to hit theaters this year.

In June, action-fantasy Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter made its box office debut. Starring Benjamin Walker‘ and Dominic Cooper, the film revolves around the fictional history of the president protecting America from the supernatural world.

What do you think of Spielberg’s latest biopic? Do you think Lincoln will nab an Oscar nomination? Watch the teaser above then sound off below.