Ryan Lochte’s New Reality TV Show: Olympian April Ross Says She Would Watch It (VIDEO)

Lochte's reality show
The swimmer reveals he's in talks with E! for his own show.
Lochte's TV Tour
The Olympian will appear on '30 Rock' and 'E! News.'
Ryan Lochte’s reality TV show may be in the works still, but he already has one fan on the hook: Olympian volleyball star April Ross.

“I would watch him on a reality TV show,” the Team USA athlete revealed to Celebuzz during The Perks of Being Wallflower premiere Monday.

“I’ve watched a couple of his youtube videos. He has some interesting dialogue,” she said.

But there is one thing about Lochte that Ross is worried about. 

“I’ve got to see his clothes first,” she said about the swimmer’s new fashion collection. “But I’m not opposed to him doing a clothing line.”

In fact, Ross is all for Lochte spreading his wings outside the pool.

“You know he’s done what he’s had to do in the pool.  He’s such an amazing athlete,” she told us. “He does what he does and you’ve got to love him for it.”

However, Ross revealed that she too might be interested in leaving the court and moonlighting her talents elsewhere.

Will Ross follow Lochte’s footsteps into the fashion world? Watch the video above to find out.