Exposed: The Vicious 'Cyber-Bullying' Tweets LeAnn Rimes Received Before Seeking Treatment (EXCLUSIVE)

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LeAnn Rimes checked into treatment after cyber bullies launched a vicious attack on her, as Celebuzz first reported. Now, we've obtained the Twitter messages which contributed to the country music superstar reaching her breaking point.

The 30-year-old entered a 30-day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress at the end of August.

Celebuzz then learned her unexpected visit to rehab was partly due to months of unrelenting abuse she incurred on the Internet and Twitter.

So what did the abusive tweets say?

One of the most damning tweets allegedly came from teacher, Kimberly Smiley, who Rimes claims illegally recorded a phone conversation between the pair and distributed it on the internet.

In the posting on the social networking site, the Tweeter shockingly branded LeAnn a “f*****” and a “loser” and threatened to wreck her life.

“How about this f*****…you have been talking s*** for months and you can kiss my ass!! F*** You!!! Oh, yeah two can play! Ya wanna?? I have soooo much info, your life will suck more than it already does, you whoa is me loser!!! #youarenotthecoolkidyouthinkyouare #suckit #ChimentesnotMYbossPrincess #notthebestdetectiveareya"

Smiley also had a conversation with a number of other Twitter pals in which she was believed to be talking about cashing in on the audio that she allegedly recorded of Rimes, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian.

“My hubby thought I should’ve milked it & got him a new truck! LOL! ; )” she wrote.

The other women involved in the online discussion also attacked Rimes.

“OH MY HOLY HELL!” one wrote. “I’ve been dying to hear this audio for months!!!! What a psychotic bitch! She’s D.O.N.E”

And another posted: “I’m waiting not patiently at ALL to hear the full tape ;) Happy birthday Leann!!!”

The court documents filed by Rimes alleged that Smiley and a relative Lexi – who are both supporters of Brandi Glanville, the first wife of the singer’s husband, Cibrian – illegally recorded a phone conversation she had with them.

Another online conversation believed to be between Smiley and one of her associates shows her admitting the alleged recording.

“There’s 20 minutes of conversation I recorded. I wish I had recorded the entire convo," she allegedly wrote. “But my daughter started recording about 15-20 minutes in."

Rimes is suing, claiming invasion of privacy.

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  • Sick Itten
    Sick Itten

    Yes, it is embarrassing that grown women are doing this but people aren't looking for why these women are investing all of their time on non goal-oriented behavior. This is something mentally ill people dwell on or those w/social developmental disabilities. Kim Smiley and her followers probably suffer from being on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. If her 1st degree relative has autism then most likely she's an Aspie.

  • Lisa

    Really. That is some pretty sick thinking and accusations.

  • Lisa

    I think all involved have invested too much time in trying to hurt each other. Live and let live, keep your nose where it belongs and the world will be a better place. No one involved in this bull is innocent. At all.

  • jujubee

    I have to say, I'm siding with the Smiley women. I haven't been following the whole story, not on twitter and certainly wouldn't follow LeAnn, but this whole story feels as if it were forwarded word for word from her publicist. From what I've gathered from various celeb gossip sites, I think this may come back to bite LeAnn. She should drop the lawsuit or else she'll be vilified more than she already is.

  • Penelope

    Celebuzz or Celebullshit? What are you planting false items to make the psychotic and mentally ill LeAnn Rimes look like a normal human being? Using tweets from amajean, a queen who collects LeAnn's pubic hairs in a scrapbook?

  • Lib

    This website is a disgrace. Lies. Lies Lies.

  • Brena

    This website is shit just like its fans and BIGOT POS Michael Anderson. I just came here after reading the ROL true story!

  • Renee

    Whether they know too much or not doesn't really matter, what matters is this the false reporting.

  • calimommy09

    And Radar Online has JUST posted the truth. Something Celebuzz clearly has no interest in doing.

  • calimommy09

    Amen to this post!! This "bullying" crap is not only insulting to those who have truly been bullied but its a giant smokescreen for this invasion of privacy lawsuit. Even the Trevor Project is staying away from commenting on Leann donating her winnings from the lawsuit to them. And why would they? Why would they comment on having winnings donated to them from a BULLYING lawsuit by a famous person? It's shameful and articles like this one are not helping her in any way. However they ARE helping Kim and her lawyers get plenty of ammo against the real bully.

  • gross

    Leann is STILL giving exclusives from "rehab"? This is the biggest fraud that anyone has ever pulled in Hollywood. So once again Celebuzz posts yet another FALSE story for their dear friend LeAnn Rimes without bothering to fact check or for that matter address the fact that Leann is a cyberbully, used the WEWENLOVE twitter account to cyberbully Brandi, and encourages her fans to cyberbully Brandi and her followers. Seriously Celebuzz, would it kill you to do your research before you write this nonsense? You are risking your reputation because of Leann? Either she is blackmailing you or paying you very well. Notice how this story comes out the day after Leann gets massive criticism for all the famewhoring she has done since she went into treatment? The bad thing is how Celebuzz misleads other media outlets, who are too afraid of Leann and her lawyer to challenge Celebuzz and Leann's lies.

  • latinamoma

    okay celebuzz....I agree that the tweets sent to leAnn were mean, but if you are going to report on this story you darn well better report on the tweets leAnn fans wrote about Brandi BEFORE any of the LeAnn bashing started. They were so vile and there is evidence of them everywhere. SHAME ON YOU for being so one sided. this makes me so angry because Brandi was mercilessly harassed for years and the public should know about it. it is so effing frustrating that you care more about getting some of LeAnns money then telling the truth.

  • gumball

    Kelly, thank you for your continuing insight on this ridiculousness. Its refreshing to have a respected person from the industry speak out on this insanity. I hope this case gets thrown out, but if by a small miracle it goes to trial I hope you can testify and put the real bully - LR in her place.The fact that she cotinues to contact the media from rehab and feed them false information is disturbing.

  • calimommy09

    Your comment makes no sense. You wrote that "conveniently" people are commenting that know too much and therefore can't be trusted. Say what? The people who are commenting have seen first hand what Leann does on Twitter.

  • Marcy

    when you see people you follow on twitter being accused of saying things to people they never said on a public forum when they don't have the resources to send lawyers after these websites its not fair and its alarming. Imagine if I copied and pasted a Facebook argument you had with someone that had a lot of curse words in it and blocked out the other persons name but told this website you were fighting with Leann Rimes and then you got blasted on this website for "bullying" leann rimes. You wouldn't like it, would you? It sucks how people with a lot of money can get away with publishing lies that hurt someone. I hope it never happens to you.

  • calimommy09

    Celebuzz I am almost speechless at what an embarrassment this article is for you. You are clearly throwing what you have (which is nothing) at the wall and seeing what sticks, then publishing the story. The first tweet from 8smileys wasn't even to Leann. Do you need the screen shots to back it up? In fact, NONE of these tweets you used were to Leann. Even if they were, Leann blocks ANYONE who tweets something even mildly negative so the people who tweeted this stuff had been blocked. She is SEARCHING OUT THE TWEETS of people that have been blocked. Do you think that is normal behavior?? Here is a newsflash for you : people who chat about celebrities, good or bad, are NOT committing any crimes. Ever heard of free speech? You can carry on all you want with this BS story that Leann is in "treatment" because of Twitter but you are doing more harm than good for her. This article is a complete joke. Vicious tweets? Are you kidding me? You are suggesting that people talking about this tape recording are what sent her into treatment? That's what you call vicious?!? Why don't you run an article on the DISGUSTING tweets Leann has sent to various people? Like the one I offered to show your editor when he printed a lie about me a couple weeks ago? Oh wait, you won't do that because you are clearly on her payroll. I'd suggest you guys start retracting some of what you are posting about this situation because you are posting lies that you have been made aware are lies. You guys need to do a LOT of research on this and why don't you start by seeing what the general public thinks about Leanns "treatment' story? No one is buying it. The support for the Smileys just keeps building and its stories full of lies like this one that are helping. Team Smiley!!

  • jenirow

    What do you have to say, Celebuzz?? You got it all wrong, now do your job and get it right. And apologize. Or hire me to do stories for you since I could do a better job than the person who wrote this one. Don't get involved with this mentally disturbed girl, she burned you on this one...can't you see you are being used and now look ridiculous? I think we all can.

  • Della

    Several of us out in the Twitterverse have screenshots LR's twitter minions sending evil, horrible tweets to and about BG and her followers. We also have screenshots of the disgusting fake Twitter accounts set up to bully BG. Shall we begin sending them now? Please let us know when you are ready. We have hundreds.

  • Disgusted

    Ha! This is BLATANT defamation of Kim Smiley. These were tweets reacting to this MAN amejean threatening her and her family. He is sick and your sick for lying and saying they were sent to Leann Rimes. WoW.

  • 8smileys

    Your "Exclusive" is completely false! There's not one thing in here that is true! The original tweet you quoted was to a man (@ amejean) who was posting my kids' school's address & mine, he was creating cartoons that were vile, he used my family picture & photoshopped himself in, & that's only part of the story. The tweet from my LOCKED account about the truck was a joke because my husband said I picked the wrong side, since Brandi doesn't (nor does she need to) reward her supporters with lavish gifts, like Leann does. The fact that you even have those tweets shows the lengths Leann's fanatics are willing to go to for her. My account has been private for nearly 10 months, one of them must be following! Who's stalking who? I would hope that somebody will be in contact with me soon to get my side & be prepared to print a retraction. You have my email address.

  • jen

    This whole thing is embarrassing to women all over. These are grown women. You all are grown women, not catty teenage drama queens. Act like it. Blows my mind that anyone with an opinion whatsoever about this whole thing, anyone who engages in it, anyone who gets all worked up over some crazy, immature, catty women on Twitter, don't realize just how pathetic and ridiculous they sound.

  • Kelly Mahan Jaramillo
    Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

    Oh dear, this is getting silly. Yes, number one, the tweets are private, the account is locked, and two, the tweet was not sent to Leann. What I am finding both hilarious and mildly disturbing, Celebuzz, is that you are "quoting" the tweet - you do not seem to have a screenshot of it, because if you did, it would clearly show that it was NOT sent to Leann Rimes. You could quote anything you want and say it was a "vicious tweet" sent to Leann RImes. Show the screenshot, if you have it. Back this story up with the actual tweet, otherwise you have no story. So you quote a tweet from a private account and print a story citing the quoted tweet was sent to Leann RImes. Pathetic, but actually great for Smiley. More for her lawyer to use to show who is really being harassed and defamed, and it certainly is not Leann. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Mary

    i think this site needs to do some research, if you are blocked on twitter how can Leann see what the person wrote? also! why now cover both parties like how Leann employees cyber bully Brandi on twitter

  • Sara

    Though it was too long since Celebuzz posted and untrue article trying to make Leann look like a victim. Sorry guys, we aren't buying it! Get off her payroll.. This is getting embarassing.

  • dumas1000

    There are people on this forum who conveniently know way too much and, therefore, cannot possibly be trusted. #misinformation. It's the first 5 replies to the story that are disturbing. Not Celebuzz's reporting.

  • Renee

    This is really disturbing. You are reporting that these tweets were sent to L. Rimes, and it seems that the prior posts are from people who know that these tweets were one, private, and two, not even sent to L. Rimes. It seems this site is on LR side, which is your prerogative, but maybe you should do a little research before you blindly print what you are fed.

  • Marcy

    seriously! Leann shouldnt be throwing stones when she;s living in quite the "vindictive as _____ sht" glass house herself! She's just mad that abusive language filled, totally random phone call to a twitter person showed her true colors! Leann will be proven in court if need be to be tolerant & rewarding (by flying them out there and taking them to lunch) of bullying by her obsessed fans towards Brandi Glanville and Brandi's fans and therefore her whole "emotional distress" excuse for rehab is shot to heck since she obviously isnt squeamish at the sight of "cyberbullying" when its not towards her. Leann needs to shut this lawsuit down and stay quiet until her album promotion comes up. Thats the only way she'll gain respect back. Country radio is laughing at her when gossip comes up.

  • Guest

    Not to mention Amejean was posting the name of Kim's boss (or who he thought was her boss), which was basically making threats in subtext. Which is exactly why Kim recorded the conversation with Leann because Leann flew this guy out to her listening party and here he is making threats about Kim's place of employment. Who knows if Leann would've had someone phone up Kim's boss and get her fired. I mean Darrell Brown threatened Kim's husband's job as well and Darrell is Leann's producer.

  • Marcy

    Celebuzz get ready to print a retraction or remove factually incorrect information Celebbuzz. "“How about this f*****…you have been talking s*** for months and you can kiss my ass!! F*** You!!! Oh, yeah two can play! Ya wanna?? I have soooo much info, your life will suck more than it already does, you whoa is me loser!!! #youarenotthecoolkidyouthinkyouare #suckit #ChimentesnotMYbossPrincess #notthebestdetectiveareya” " This was sent to twitter user "amejean" who manipulated photos of Kim Smiley's family through photoshop, not Leann. Never realized a twitter argument between two non celebs was celebuzz worthy. If so, want to see my argument with an anti abortion romney supporter ? I can send you screen shots if it makes it into your articles like other general twitterer arguments. Be serious now....Leann & Mrs Smiley never got into an argument that heated...that would have made news since you are a site so deep in the pocket of a fading country former star. RadarOnline & USweekly evidently have the real, non paid PR scoop.

  • Guest

    Oh and another thing those tweets that you are using are from Kim's private account. So obviously someone is sending them to you.

  • Guest

    You clearly aren't doing your research. That tweet was never to Leann. That tweet was to one of Leann's fanatics that was the most vile person ever. Kim actually tweeted that to him after he had been tweeting horrible things about her for months. All you are doing is vilifying Kim and making her case stronger for when she countersues Leann. Good job!