Exposed: The Vicious ‘Cyber-Bullying’ Tweets LeAnn Rimes Received Before Seeking Treatment (EXCLUSIVE)

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LeAnn Rimes checked into treatment after cyber bullies launched a vicious attack on her, as Celebuzz first reported. Now, we’ve obtained the Twitter messages which contributed to the country music superstar reaching her breaking point.

The 30-year-old entered a 30-day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress at the end of August.

Celebuzz then learned her unexpected visit to rehab was partly due to months of unrelenting abuse she incurred on the Internet and Twitter.

So what did the abusive tweets say?

One of the most damning tweets allegedly came from teacher, Kimberly Smiley, who Rimes claims illegally recorded a phone conversation between the pair and distributed it on the internet.

In the posting on the social networking site, the Tweeter shockingly branded LeAnn a “f*****” and a “loser” and threatened to wreck her life.

“How about this f*****…you have been talking s*** for months and you can kiss my ass!! F*** You!!! Oh, yeah two can play! Ya wanna?? I have soooo much info, your life will suck more than it already does, you whoa is me loser!!!
#youarenotthecoolkidyouthinkyouare #suckit #ChimentesnotMYbossPrincess #notthebestdetectiveareya”

Smiley also had a conversation with a number of other Twitter pals in which she was believed to be talking about cashing in on the audio that she allegedly recorded of Rimes, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian.

“My hubby thought I should’ve milked it & got him a new truck! LOL! ; )” she wrote.

The other women involved in the online discussion also attacked Rimes.

“OH MY HOLY HELL!” one wrote. “I’ve been dying to hear this audio for months!!!! What a psychotic bitch! She’s D.O.N.E”

And another posted: “I’m waiting not patiently at ALL to hear the full tape 😉 Happy birthday Leann!!!”

The court documents filed by Rimes alleged that Smiley and a relative Lexi – who are both supporters of Brandi Glanville, the first wife of the singer’s husband, Cibrian – illegally recorded a phone conversation she had with them.

Another online conversation believed to be between Smiley and one of her associates shows her admitting the alleged recording.

“There’s 20 minutes of conversation I recorded. I wish I had recorded the entire convo,” she allegedly wrote. “But my daughter started recording about 15-20 minutes in.”

Rimes is suing, claiming invasion of privacy.

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