Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen Hit the Set of 'Scary Movie 5' (PHOTOS)

Sheen in 'Scary Movie 5'
The actor may die in the new 'Scary Movie.' Read More »

Two controversial celebs, one set.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were both hard at work on the set of Scary Movie 5 in Atlanta, Ga., Wednesday.

Sporting skimpy lingerie and nightgown underneath a pink robe, Lohan, 26, was spotted walking around the set between scenes.

What was her costar doing?

While LiLo shot her scenes, Sheen, 47, caught a game of catch with an on-set production assistant before heading to the hair and makeup trailer.

Despite being killed off in Scary Movie 4, it looks like the actor will be prominently featured in the next installment, which is currently being touted as a complete reboot of the series.

As for Lohan, this will be the third movie she will star in since her hiatus in 2010.

Scary Movie 5 is slated to hit theaters Jan. 11, 2013.

What do you think of LiLo and Sheen in a comedy flick together? Will they make magic, or is it a recipe for disaster? Weigh in below.




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  • Jeffrey Bryson
    Jeffrey Bryson

    In unrelated news, all cocaine within a five mile radius of the set has suddenly vanished without explanation.

  • castaneda

    She looks very good!

  • mileyismylife

    SHe is a total babe, cannot wait to see her in this movie.

  • Jack

    Boy you want to talk about a coke, crack, alcohol party for the ages. Dam. A crackhead tiger and a boozed out klepto.

  • Guy Sterling
    Guy Sterling

    This ridiculous story came from NYPost Pagesix and every single word is false. Anyone who believes anything Pagesix write needs help. There is so much evidence which show their story is BS.


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