Miley Cyrus' New Hairdo Inspires Her Sexier, Skin-Baring Style (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus' Revealing New Look

Since revealing her cropped bleached blonde hair, Miley Cyrus has embraced a bolder, sexier style to match her new haircut.

The punk 'do has inspired a more confident Miley, who's not afraid to flaunt her assets.

Recently, the 19-year-old star has experimented with crop tops and short shorts that show off her Pilates-toned figure.

But yesterday Cyrus revealed even more...

Wearing a sleeveless tee sans bra while grocery shopping on Monday with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, Miley exposed some serious sideboob. But unlike Emma Watson's recent sideboob slippage, Cyrus’ exposure was hardly an "oops" moment.

Decked in an '80s-inspired punk ensemble that included a skin-tight mini skirt, gold chain necklace and combat boots, Cyrus hardly appeared to have been caught rolling out of bed and running to the store bra-less to pick up some milk.

While we love that Miley isn’t afraid to have fun with her style and let her edgy haircut inspire her fashion choices, an exposed black bra would have won  her points for her cool, sexy look -- not her sideboob slip.

So what do you think about Miley’s new look? Has a new haircut ever inspired you to go bolder with your style?  

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  • jbd59

    looks like Justin Bieber to me. Barfffffffff!!!!!!!!

  • jacob

    she looks like a skank and now a punk rocker what's next. Her marriage won't last. Liame can do better than hick trash, she takes after her mother

  • Jeanyl Valle
    Jeanyl Valle

    gone the sweet hannah monatana star Miley Cyrus.... she looks more matured and rebellious, yet happy and contented.... Cool!

  • Taylor Richards:)
    Taylor Richards:)

    ok i think that it isn't that bad... she just has to fill the personality. and i think she has dont that. but that is just my opoinion. i think people just need to get used to it b4 they just start judging it. she kinda reminds me of pink now.. or ellen but she isn't lesbein... no affense ellen... but i just think people should't judge her for her new look...

  • Heidi Alday
    Heidi Alday

    Miley love yur new look. Love every thing about you. Your not afraid of being you and ive watched you since child hood and supported you. huge fan. Love all yur music. Im a Fl girl, wish could just sit down w/u chat listen to u sing. Your great. Keep believing. lu.hiho

  • skitz

    Miley has so many looks and each one is as beautiful as the last I am a big fan of her dad but seeing her grow Ive grown to be a fan of hers as well. Keep up you awesome talent and your amazing beauty Miley.

  • frenchface

    I love her style!

  • frenchface

    Miley is perfection, complete & utter perfection!

  • mileyismylife

    Miley really is way too stunning for her own good! she is seriously beyond perfection :)

  • frenchface

    wow, you're an idiot 'someone'. she is someone other than Hannah Montana, she is her own person. Cutting your hair has nothing to do with 'cutting away from her disney image'. She stepped away from the Disney Princess throne once she started performing as Miley and not Hannah. She's been wanting the Twiggy look since 208, and if you dont know this already, Twiggy is a blonde. If you see photos, she's been fading out her hair for a while now. From dark brown, to chocolate brown, to light brown, to orangey, to orangey blonde, to a bayalange like style, to light blonde to platnium blonde, and then she chopped it because it got to the colour she wanted. Speaking of wasting time love, by speaking of things so irrelevant, you wasted around 5 minutes stating such a useless point. CIAO HATER! p.s Katie, your a something special man, honestly agree with every word you said, Miley looks GORG as alwayyys!!

  • frenchface

    You're so judgemental! how does she looks like a tramp? she is wearing a singlet top and a skirt? omg watta h00k3r *sarcasm* your an idiot, if you are going to hate, just buzz off? K xxx

  • someone

    hannah montana is all she will ever be remembered for,its what made her 10 years people will have forgotten about her.if she was trying to get away from the whole disney image why did she wait until now to cut her hair,could have cut it once she finished filming the final season of hannah montana.take emma watson as an example,once she had finished harry potter she cut her hair,didn't waste anytime

  • Katie

    Honestly, I think she looks good. The hair looks amazing on her and she is dressing in a way that is herself, not some fake disney machine that was manufactured to perfection. Where I come from, the skanks are the ones who wear push up bras so their boobs are to their chin, skirts that reveal too much cheek and tops that barely cover anything. And that's hardly side boob, come on. If that's how she wants to dress and her parents and fiance don't have a problem, neither should we.

  • myopinion

    She is so trashy

  • cobefans23

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  • Guest

    U G L Y

  • Menotyou

    She is so skanky

  • Gina

    ugly, i used to like her before she became the new paris hilton.

  • Kylie

    Was Miley ever afraid to wear revealing outfits? She looks like a tramp