Tori Spelling’s BFFs The Guncles: We Won’t Be The Next Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Guncles may be adopting again, but don’t expect them to be the next Jolie-Pitts.

“God bless! Let them do it,” Bill Horn told Celebuzz of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ever-growing clan of six kids.

Why don’t the Guncles want a bigger brood?

“We can’t handle that large of family…we have a lot of things that we do, we’re hands-on,” Horn’s longtime partner Scout Masterson said at the grand opening of the Disney Baby Store at The Americana in Los Angeles on Sept. 5. “We don’t have a nanny on staff — we do the cooking, the grocery shopping, stuff as a family.

Masterson and Horn, who star on their best friend Tori Spelling’s Oxygen Channel hit Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, are one of the first gay families to be featured on a reality show. And after adopting their daughter Simone two years ago, they’re ready to do it all over again.

“It’s something that we have had to talk about for a while…it’s a big decision to make,” said Masterson.

Added Horn: “Starting over again, you think, what’s that new relationship? Who’s going to pick us? We need to mentally prepare ourselves for that journey.”

So far, the reality couple is in the beginning stages of the adoption process.

“We’ve started the paperwork,” Masterson revealed. “It could be as soon as six months to a year and a half like Simone.”

And the two aren’t choosy about having a girl or a boy. “In a perfect world we’d have a boy,” said Horn. “But if we had another girl, that would be amazing.”

“Just not twins!” Masterson laughed.


They’ve already gotten some major child support from their BFFs and Simone’s godparents — Spelling, 39, and hubby Dean McDermott, 45, who welcomed fourth child Finn Aug. 30.

“There’s a lot of babies around,” Masterson said. “Simone plays with her cousins [Spelling’s children] Liam and Stella — and [her 11-month-old daughter] Hattie is getting to an age where she can start playing. And now there’s new baby Finn. And Simone sees that baby and it’s a more familiar thing for her.”

So who does Finn take after more – Spelling or McDermott?

“Finn is so cute! He’s truly a little handsome man,” Masterson gushed. Added Horn: “If you put a blonde wig on him he looks like Stella!”

For now, the couple is committed to not only building their family, but running their adoption mentoring service, Hold My Hand — and both those ventures could soon play a big role on their very own reality show, they told Celebuzz exclusively.

“We’re hoping to build that into something bigger — and who knows? Maybe we’ll have a show about that,” said Masterson. “We’re developing it. We’d like to show more of the inside of what the process is like. A lot of America may not know what open adoption is like.”

“It’s like online dating,” Horn said with a laugh. “Pick me!”