Amanda Bynes Caught Driving Illegally in Los Angeles With Suspended License: Was She Smoking Marijuana?

Amanda Bynes Charged
Amanda Bynes charged with two hit-and-runs.
Amanda Bynes’ trouble behind the wheel continued on Tuesday when the 26-year-old actress was spotted driving with a suspended license.

In photographs obtained by TMZ, the troubled actress — who last week was slapped with two hit-and-run charges, adding to her DUI charge from April — is seen driving aimlessly around town, oftentimes stopping to smoke out of what appears to be a pipe.

No word on what was actually in the pipe; however, TMZ suggests it may have been marijuana.

This is just the latest headache for Bynes, whose license was revoked on Aug. 25, according to the Los Angeles Times.

On Sunday, Bynes was pulled over by police after she allegedly drove without her headlights on. Police officers reportedly did not ask for Bynes’ identification.


She currently faces three charges: one for driving under the influence following an incident on April 6, in which she ran her BMW into a police cruiser; and two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run for incidents which occurred on April 10 and Aug. 4, respectively.

Her next court hearing is on Sept. 21. If convicted, she could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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