Bristol Palin Talks ‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ and Levi Johnston’s New Baby: ‘I Sent Him Flowers’

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Bristol Palin is gearing up for Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars with her partner, Mark Ballas, 26, but that doesn’t mean the reality star is too busy for family. Palin manages to balance both with the same poise that we’re used to seeing from her.

Palin told Access Hollywood, “I’m rehearsing (in Arizona) because it’s close to LA and I didn’t want to be in LA this time. I just think that Phoenix is a better fit for my son and I, it’s more of a family-friendly environment.”

Despite the grueling rehearsal schedule Palin has dedicated herself to, she’s able to spend as much time with her son, Tripp, as possible.

How are rehearsals going for Palin?

“(Rehearsal) doesn’t take that much time away from him — just three, four hours a day and he’s usually doing activities anyways, and in hockey and stuff like that, so he’s busy himself,” she said. “I think it’s a good little break away from him.”

It also seems as though Palin is only interested in taking the high road when it comes to her ex-fiance, Levi Johnston, 22. She recently extended an olive branch and sent flowers and well wishes to Johnston after the arrival of his daughter, Breeze Beretta, on Wednesday.

“I want (Tripp) to have a relationship with anyone who’s going to be a good positive influence on his life,” Palin explained, “I don’t talk to (Johnston) much, but I just sent him some flowers from Tripp because that is Tripp’s little half-sibling and I just want the best for them.”

We’re glad the air has been cleared between the two, and that Palin’s doing what’s best for Tripp’s future.

Hopefully she’ll make her son proud by taking home the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars championship – the season premieres Monday, Sept. 24 at 8 PM on ABC.

Do you think Palin made the right decision to send Johnston flowers? Weigh in below.