Jennifer Lawrence Plans to Leave Hollywood: I ‘Have No Life Here’ (PHOTOS)

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JLaw: HG's Golden Gal
Jennifer Lawrence stuns on 'Hunger Games' carpet.
Jennifer Lawrence may be a household name now thanks to her work in the highly successful Hunger Games franchise, but the young Academy Award nominee is already making plans to ditch Hollywood in the near future.

“I cannot live in Los Angeles anymore. I don’t understand how actors can do it,” the 22-year-old revealed in the October issue of W magazine. “I don’t want to stay in L.A. and start thinking that’s reality—because it’s very far from normal.”

“You have no life here. You are followed everywhere. It’s not like that anywhere else in the world,” she explained.

Lawrence has been followed by paparazzi ever since Winter’s Bone, for which she received an Oscar nomination, hit theaters in 2010. Now, as she’s signed onto three more movies in the Hunger Games series, the actress’ rise to superstardom shows no sign of slowing down.

Will Lawrence leave the film industry altogether when she leaves town?

“I still love movies,” she said. “I’m just going to love being in them from Kentucky, or Prague, or somewhere else.”

Though Lawrence has been involved in the entertainment industry since her big move to Los Angeles at the age of 15, the Louisville, KY, native — and her family — are still not used to the  glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

“My mom talked about Hunger Games on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, which was something I had told her a million times not to do,” the actress admitted during the interview, adding, “She’s like Dina Lohan!—but she has good taste.”

Still, Lawrence doesn’t blame The Hunger Games — her most successful movie to date — for making her the newest target for paparazzi.

“With Hunger Games, I got really nervous about signing on to that huge franchise. I was afraid that Katniss would overwhelm any other character I’d try to do,” she said. “But I love Katniss, and she didn’t take over as much of my life as I thought she would.”

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