Justin Bieber Covers Ryan Beatty’s ‘Every Little Thing’ (VIDEO)

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It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when the name Justin Bieber didn’t result in teenage hysterics, but once upon a time, Bieber was just another kid who loved to sing — and happened to own a video camera. Now, Bieber is paying it forward and covering another YouTube sensation’s track.

Sixteen-year-old Ryan Beatty began doing covers in his bedroom just last year, and he recently released an EP, Because of You, featuring his single, “Every Little Thing.” Beatty has covered the likes of Cee-Lo Green and Bruno Mars, but now, one of the biggest stars in the world is singing his song.

Watch Bieber’s cover of “Every Little Thing” above. 

After only a year, Beatty’s YouTube channel became one of the most subscribed-to-channels on YouTube — worldwide. Even Ashton Kutcher is a fan.

The actor took to his Twitter and Facebook accounts and posted Ryan’s “Waiting on the World to Change” video for all his followers — more than 12 million on both Twitter and Facebook —  to see.

Looks like Beatty can now add Bieber to his list of celebrity fans.