Kim Kardashian: Throwback Thursday: Grandma MJ (PHOTOS)

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Kardashians' Throwback Thursday Photos
Kim: Video Throwback
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Kim Kardashian shares childhood photos on her blog. She writes to fans:

Found this old pic of me when I was little with my Grandma MJ. I posted it on Facebook a couple days ago and everyone was saying how much I look like Mason in this pic and how much my Grandma MJ looks like my mom!

Launch the gallery -- above -- for more photos from Kardashian's previous Throwback Thursdays entries.




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  • Shameika Fife Brown
    Shameika Fife Brown

    Khloe and Lamar's baby is going to be so cute when they have one......

  • Barbara

    I'm pretty sure Khloe wasn't adopted, but I don't think she's Robert Kardashian's daughter...

  • Barbara

    Kourtney always seems to be the youngest, even though she's the oldest!

  • nicole

    This girl can't get enough of herself! I've never seen someone post so many pics of themselves, can ya say OBSESSED? poor girl!

  • Debbie


  • Tana Musser
    Tana Musser

    Yes she does!!! Kendall looks just like your Mom as well :)

  • LeeAnne Therrien
    LeeAnne Therrien

    it is uncanny:)

  • Jess Bocchi-Buono
    Jess Bocchi-Buono

    More like your Mom looks like her! Beautiful.

  • hihu

    Ugly as FUCK baby (:


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