Rihanna Wants to Babysit for Snooki's Little Meatball, Tells Her on Twitter

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With a new baby, wedding planning in the works, and an ongoing spinoff show to shoot, Snooki has a lot on her plate. But she has one unlikely friend who has offered to help the reality star take a load off -- Rihanna.

And who knew the pop star loves to babysit?

The Jersey Shore's new Italian mama, 24, who gave birth to little Lorenzo on Aug. 26, tweeted Thursday: "Rihanna's We Found Love will NEVER get old to me!! My song for life. ❤❤"

An excited Rihanna showed her appreciation by retweeting the quote and offered her babysitting services: "thank u! Lemme know if u need a sitter!"

Does Snooki think RiRi would be a good babysitter for the little meatball?

Actually, yes. In fact, Rihanna is already part of the family -- and an honorary auntie.

She replied,

Living the (reportedly) single life of a superstar, the Grammy-Award winning singer seems far from having a little one of her own. But it looks like she'll settle on taking care of baby Lorenzo...for now.

Do you think Rihanna could handle babysitting duties for little Lorenzo? Weight in below.




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  • John

    Uh...'meatball'? Really? Is that an Italian slur? Try doing something like that with any other ethnic group.For example; try caling any Mexican-American baby a little 'taco', or a Chinese-American baby a little 'fortune cookie'!! Being of Italian descent, I really don't care, I'm not that thin skinned. But, why is it OK?

  • Brody Seth Stive
    Brody Seth Stive