‘X Factor’ Preview: Contender Confounds Judges With His Fantasy Stage Show (VIDEO)

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If you believe you’ve heard everything, then you haven’t met this contestant from FOX’s The X Factor.

This imaginative singer has new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato in the palm of his hand as he describes his fantasy stage show — before he even sings a note.

What has captured Britney and Demi’s fascination?

“I have an idea in mind if I were going to do a stage show,” the singer starts. “It would start with sort of a dark stage with kind of smoky white light. I’ll be doing my thing and as I’m going [sings a musical run]. Dancers will descend two on each side of me…”

There’s more, everyone. Watch the sneak peek above.

The X Factor continues its premiere week Thursday at 8 PM on FOX.


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