‘X Factor’ Recap: Don’t Judge a Singer by the Cover (VIDEO)

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This contender confounds the judges.
'X Factor' S2 Premiere
What happened on the show's return?
The X Factor’s second night of premiere week may seem calm compared to its stellar season premiere on Wednesday. But, FOX definitely got us to come back, right?

Finishing up the San Francisco auditions and going on to Providence, the show producers decided to focus the episode on the auditions that pitted looks versus talent.

What were the highlights of premiere week’s second night?

Swag with the talent to back it up. Johnny Maxwell, 16, took the stage with a lot of energy. And like Emblem3 on Wednesday’s episode, Johnny performed an original song, “All These People.” If you’re going to be a “ringer” (rapper-singer), this is the show you want to audition for. Both Chris Rene and Astro went very far in the competition on Season 1. New judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato both thought he was cute. But beyond that, judge Simon Cowell appreciated his ambition. “You’ve got steel in your eyes,” the judge told the teen.

You a hot meh. Lexa Berman was all about showing off her assets and intimidating everyone around her. But when the rubber meets the road on that stage, she just didn’t have the fuel. Britney said she was “boring” and Demi told her she seemed “overconfident” and “wasn’t likeable.” It shouldn’t be a surprise to us that Simon gave her a “yes,” but the women shut her down with their “nos.”

Jason Brock shuts it down. Oh, this guy is just over the top. From the faux-hawk, to the layers of black and were those feathers in his pocket or a hamster? He’s clearly not of this world. The best part is that he didn’t walk out the butt of anyone’s jokes. He sang Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” which earned him a standing ovation from the judges (except Simon). Yet, he didn’t just get compliments from the women, L.A. called him God’s gift to songwriters and Simon said he felt like he was at his concert.

Pat Ford is one petal short of a bud. Offering flowers, this Britney super fan performed a horrible rendition of her song, “Circus.” The performance was every bit as manic as he looked. Simon told him “it felt like you had an argument with Britney Spears, got drunk and decided to scream the song at her.” After receiving a fourth and final “no” from his obsession, it truly looked as if Pat was going to blow.

It’s a new life for her. Carly Rose Sonenclar seemed like any other normal kid. She had both her parents with her and confidence to spare. But, would she be able to tackle Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”? Yes, she could. Simon joked that someone must’ve been singing for her and L.A. remarked that she sang like someone with an old soul.

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