Justin Bieber (Sort Of) Steps Out With a New Mustache: 37 Mustachioed Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Biebs' Mustache
Justin Bieber sports a drawn on mustache.
Justin Bieber is taking a page out of Tom Selleck’s book.

On Wednesday, the “Boyfriend” singer proved that he wasn’t a “Baby” anymore by snapping a shot of his new facial hair. Sporting a fuzzy purple mustache, the 19-year-old was having blast goofing around with his other mustachioed pals.

But for Bieber, he works just as hard as he plays…

The pop star decided to pay tribute to his homegrown roots may covering a song by another YouTube sensation.

Sixteen-year-old Ryan Beatty began doing covers in his bedroom just last year, and he recently released a single titled “Every Little Thing” — which Bieber covered on his own piano Wednesday night.

“#stillKidrauhl,” Bieber tweeted Thursday, referencing to his personal YouTube account before finding fame.

Learn more about Biebs’ new musical obsession below.