Lady Gaga On Her Seductive New Fragrance, ‘Fame’: “I Wanted it to be a Very Slutty Perfume” (VIDEO)

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Lady Gaga has joined the array of celebrities offering fans the chance to smell just like them.

But like everything else Gaga does, the unconventional singer has put out a fragrance that’s unlike anything we’ve seen — or smelled — before.

Aptly-named Fame for its intoxicating nature, Gaga’s signature scent is not to be spritzed lightly.

On Good Morning America Friday Morning, the singer sat down with Lara Spencer to talk about her new venture saying, “I wanted it to be a very slutty perfume. Because that is sort of the addictive nature of fame that it is, it is seductive.”

She continues, “It’s a sexy fragrance. It’s for someone that wants to seduce someone. You shouldn’t wear it if you’re not likely to look for a lover, because it’s going to attract them.”

In other words, this is what you spritz before a hot date.

Having previously released a sexy (slash bizarre) video ad for the fragrance, the singer took the Fame promotion one step further Thursday night. Creating a live art installation at the Guggenheim museum, Gaga encased her self in a giant glass bottle while getting her neck tattooed to celebrate Fame’s launch.

What else is unique about the “Born This Way” singer’s new fragrance?

Billed by Gaga as the first black eau de parfum (that sprays on clear), she told Spencer that she “wanted the black liquid to represent the duality of fame. The beautiful smell of it but the dangerous evil propositions around the corner.”

While the fragrance’s out-of-the-box color definitely has Gaga written all over it, does it really smell like the boundary-pushing pop star?

“It’s quite like me I think,” Gaga told Spencer, adding, “I smell like fame. The fans when they want to smell me they say Gaga, ‘Can I smell the fame?’”

So how does one go about bottling up fame? Having previously told the Australian radio program, The Kyle and Jackie O Show last year that “[blood and semen] is in the perfume,” the black liquid’s bottle actually lists “tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops” as its ingredients.

Not sure what that means? You’re not alone.

The good news is it doesn’t smell anything like the smells Gaga says she’s attracted to on member’s of the opposite sex: “I personally quite like leather smells. And sort of, tobacco smells and alcohol-y smells. Things that smell like you’ve been in a bar being bad all night. I really like that.”

Nor is Fame as overpowering as its name and hype imply. In fact, the scent, while strong, is actually fairly sweet and fruity.

But sniff for yourself — you can test out the fragrance at your local department store.

For more of Gaga’s interview, watch the video above.

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