Police On Amanda Bynes: If She’s Pulled Over, ‘She Could Be Placed Under Arrest’, Says LAPD

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The Easy A actress has been warned if she drives with her suspended license, the Los Angeles Police Department can arrest her — but only if they catch her in the act.

Celebuzz has confirmed with the LAPD that its officers cannot take action against the 26-year-old based on the numerous photographs of the actress driving alone — including video from Thursday night of Bynes causing a fender bender in West Hollywood, Calif.

But if police do pull over the alleged serial offender, she could find herself spending the night in jail — again.

“They have to catch her driving,” a spokeswoman for the LAPD told Celebuzz.

“If she gets pulled over she can have her car impounded, or based on the situation, she could be placed under arrest.”

The actress managed to escape such a fate when she was stopped by police officers in L.A. for not having headlights on, but she was not asked to show her license. According to the LAPD spokeswoman, police are not required to ask for licenses in all instances.

However, Bynes’ Thursday night fender-bender could come up in court when she faces Los Angeles Superior Court next week for a pre-trail hearing, stemming from her DUI arrest on April 6 when she crashed into a police cruiser in West Hollywood.

The district attorney will not be adding to the charge despite the photographic proof Bynes is driving with a suspended license.

“Not at this time, but it might be mentioned in court,” DA spokeswoman Jane Robison confirmed.

Despite initial confusion over whether Bynes’ license had been cancelled, on Wednesday when Bynes’ lawyer appeared in court to address the drink driving charge, the judge made sure there can be no mistake.

“The judge told her attorney, as she [Amanda] wasn’t in court… that she was not to drive,” the spokeswoman confirmed.

“It appears it [her license] was supended August 25.”

Bynes is also due in the Van Nuys Superior Court on Sept. 27 to face other driving-related charges — two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run for incidents which occurred on April 10 and Aug. 4, respectively.


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