Russell Brand ‘Went Crazy’ During Cart-Crashing Interview, Says Eyewitness (EXCLUSIVE)

Russell Brand Goes Wild
Check out Russell filming a movie in his underpants.
Brand Bares All
Russell shows off his tighty-whiteys.
Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of Russell Brand — where an average interview turns into high-speed hijinks, and on-set crashes land you a job with Ashton Kutcher.

The funnyman recently sat down with the Australian version of 60 Minutes to promote his comedy tour — which makes its way Down Under later this fall —  and things quickly went off track. Literally.

“We were on the set at Warner Brothers in his office, and we decided it would be fun to go on a golf cart with our reporter around the set,” 60 Minutes producer Phil Goyen told Celebuzz exclusively.

What kind of trouble did Brand get himself into?

“He went crazy,” Goyen said. “It was typical Russell Brand — he put his foot on the gas pedal, broke through some barriers, and ended up on a live set.”

In fact, Katy Perry’s ex left the camera crew in the dust. “He just sped off, leaving them behind,” Goyen said. “We totally lost them.”


And that’s not all.

“He started driving through sound studios and got stuck in one,” the producer recalled. “The cart got wedged and he couldn’t get it out.”

But the wild man did offer some assistance: Goyen said he tried to lift the cart out himself, but when that didn’t work, “Russell just decided to abandon the cart on the set and walk back to his office.”



It was only on their way back that Brand’s cart-crashing antics paid off, landing the jokester a co-starring role with Kutcher.

“He decided to pop onto the Two and a Half Men set,” Goyen said — and Kutcher quickly commissioned Brand to do a cameo as a waiter.

But the whole interview wasn’t a lost cause: Goyen said the actor soon returned and finished the interview — and even flirted a bit with reporter Liz Hayes.

“The day was just chaos. You expect Russell Brand to be crazy — and he was,” said Goyen. “But he’s a lovely, generous guy. It was all in good fun.”