Lady Gaga Gets Inked in Front a Live Audience: The Singer's Tattoo Evolution (GALLERY & VIDEO)

gaga's many tats

In true Lady Gaga fashion, the singer has received her latest permanent body art in the most outrageous fashion: In front of a live audience.

Gaga had her newest tattoo -- a cherub -- done during her black tie masquerade-themed ball Thursday evening to celebrate her new fragrance, Fame. The Mother Monster was inked inside a giant replica of her perfume bottle as partygoers watched from the outside.

However, this wasn't the first time Gaga made headlines with her tattoos.

In August, the "Edge of Glory" singer announced the title of her new album, ARTPOP, by getting the phrase tattooed on her left forearm.

“New ink new album,” she tweeted about her tattoo. “Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title.”

The 26-year-old also has a unicorn tattoo with the words "Born This Way" -- as a reference to her third album of the same name -- inked on her upper left thigh.

What are the meanings to Gaga's 12 overall tattoos? Launch the gallery above to find out.




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  • MusicSoul

    The whole ideal of getting a tattoo in front of an audience is narcissistic in nature. The way that she was sitting, the glass "pod" she was sitting in, the cameras, and the people sitting in her with her all made it seems like a ritual/holiday. Very "look at me look at me, I'm important and all that I do is important." persona. Although i value the reason for getting a tattoo to honor her friend's mother, I question her intention for doing this in a public/ritualistic matter rather than a private/ritualistic setting. She is definitely merging "entertainment" and "private" lives. But if her entertainment persona is her private persona, then I question her psychological outlooks (very multiple-personalities, histrionic, or narcissistic like).

  • Madison Chua
    Madison Chua

    Indeed, the world would be a quieter, more boring place without Lady Gaga. I am thankful for her creativity, edginess and the ability to make the most outrageous looks appear ordinary. Thanks a million.

  • frenchface

    You all above, are judgemental, stupid individuals. The reason for her shaved head, is because she did it for her friend and famous photographer Terry RIchardson, who's mother sadly passed away. She got the angel tattooed to symbolize Terry's mum and how she is forever watching over them in Heaven. & LMAO Cherdan, she didn't get the tattoo while she was wearing a thong, she's wearing the thong because that is the outfit she wore in her Born This Way video, and wanted to show off her tats along with her insanely amazing bod. Her tattoos have meaning, all of them do.. dont belive me? look it up. dont try and slam GaGa, if you have no idea what you are going on about, because quite frankly it just leaves you looking stupid and shameful. ciao ciao xxxx

  • just me
    just me


  • Cherdan

    Why does she feel it necessary to get a tattoo wearing a thong? It just looks crass and nasty. Also, as an inked individual, I find her tattoos largely to be very silly, cliche and vacuous- much like the woman herself.