Prince on ‘Rebuild The Dream,’ State of the U.S.: ‘It’s Desperate Times’ (VIDEO)

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Prince made a rare talk show appearance on The View Monday in support of his three-night “Welcome to Chicago” tour. The concerts, which will support the economic organization Rebuild the Dream, begin on Sept. 24.

The artist remained mostly quiet as he appeared with his friend and organization founder Van Jones, as well as fellow organization supporter/actress Rosario Dawson. But  he did open up to say that he wants his fans to pay attention to the country’s current climate.

“It’s not political,” Prince said. “We’re at a place now in this country where we’re going to have to work together and stop looking at each other’s affiliation and start taking care of each other. It’s desperate times.”

What’s the story behind Rebuild the Dream?  

The economic advocacy organization works with members of the middle class by providing them with information regarding student loans and mortgages. Jones, a former advisor to President Obama,  is hoping Prince’s concerts will give voice to those being hurt by the current economic climate — and those who can offer solutions.

“We teamed up with Prince in Chicago…The whole point of the show is to shine a light on the positive things that are happening,” said Jones.

Speaking of Prince’s involvement in the economic organization, she said, “Every city he goes into, he touches people — the thing is at this point, the crisis is so big he wants to bring everyone together, around the same table so we can help each other. There isn’t a city he’s gone into that he hasn’t helped people.”

In addition to the concerts providing an access point for information from the organization, money from Prince’s residency at the United Center in Chicago will benefit the organization.

For more information on Rebuild the Dream, visit

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