FOX’s ‘The Mob Doctor’ Creators and Star Talk Grace’s Two Lives

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When we asked Josh Berman and Rob Wright, the creators of FOX’s The Mob Doctor to give us one sentence on how to sell their show and main character Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) to the audience at the Paley Center for Beverly Hills, Berman told Celebuzz:

“I think what’s great about this character is everyone we know is juggling multiple pressures on themselves but most of us are not in the mob and most of us are not doctors but the themes in the show are relatable to all of us,” said Berman. “A woman that’s trying to get through her day with the pressures of her family, job and her extracurricular activity.”

The Mob Doctor stars Spiro as Grace Devlin, a woman with two lives, trying to maintain her life as a doctor while secretly working off her brother’s debt to the mob. Often she finds herself living the majority of her life in a grey and morally ambiguous area.

What attracted Spiro to the role?

She told us, “I loved this insatiable desire to do and fix and to try and control things that are uncontrollable and to try to feel some sort of powerfulness in an upbringing where they made her feel very powerless. I love that about her.”

“I loved this almost unconscious ability that she has inside of her to perhaps at some point even embrace this dark world she’s operating in,” Spiro, 35, added.

Part of this dark world includes interacting with her mob ex-boyfriend, Franco, played by James Carpinello. Spiro told us that though Grace is in another relationship, his character will continue to be very important to her as he’s one of the only people who know her secret.

“He starts to serve more as a person she can lean on because he knows everything that’s going on and knows everything about her,” the former My Boys star said. “The problem, of course, is they have a chemistry that isn’t exactly conducive to keeping her relationship with her doctor boyfriend in tact. “

Her doctor boyfriend, played by Friday Night Lights alum Zach Gilford, will find out about Grace and Franco’s connection in Episode 4, which is sure to bring even more drama into Grace’s already hectic life.

So other than the obvious reasons for how Grace is different from all those other TV doctors, What make her different? Spiro joked, “She has 35 hours a day. Every other one just has 24.”

Looks like Grace will be a busy girl in both of her worlds.

The Mob Doctor premieres Monday at 9 PM on FOX.

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