Wendy Williams Wants to Talk Politics on Show’s Season 4: ‘It Would Be Nice if the Obamas Stopped By’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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After kicking off Season 4 of her hit talker, the daytime host is setting her sights on the presidential candidates, hoping to bring the political discussion to the Wendy Williams Show during this current election season.

“It’s political season, so it would be nice if one or both of the Obamas stopped by,” Williams told Celebuzz.

And she’s not stopping at the party line. “I’m an equal opportunity politico because I have to be [since] I’m on TV,” she continued. “You can’t have one without the other. I would love to talk to the Romney-Ryans, ya know, why not?”

But the beloved TV star of course wants to chat about more than matters of the state during the upcoming season.

“I would love this season to have Hayden Panettiere,” Williams said. “Her show, Nashville, is… expected to be a really good show and it’s definitely one that I’m locking and loading on. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while… so I definitely want to talk to her.”

And it’s not just new series Williams hopes to tackle on her show — which launched Season 4 with a redesigned studio, enhanced set and extended “Hot Topics” segment. She wants to address fan-favorite signing competition series American Idol, coming back with a new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban alongside show veteran Randy Jackson.

“I met Randy Jackson… over the summer at SoHo House in L.A [and] he’s never been to the show before,” Williams said. “He took a liking to me and I to him and he doesn’t come to New York much. I would like for Randy to come by and chomp it up with us during this season of Idol.”

Then there’s comedic actor Kevin James. “My son Kevin, who’s 12, he and I… are fans of King of Queens and Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” Williams admitted. “There’s something oddly cute about him. He’s chubby, and charming and he’s got a fat bottom lip. He just seems like he would be a really nice guy. A buddy for a guy to drink beer with or a nice boyfriend or husband. Anyways.. .I would like to meet him.”

“[And] there are some friends that I have met that I would definitely want to come back this season” she continued. “Chaka Khan did a walk-on last season, it was so quick, just a drive-by to say ‘How you doin?’ I need her to come and I need her to perform ‘I’m Every Woman’ and also have couch chat.”

Find out what other celebrities Williams would like to have on her show, above.

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