Who Will Be the Best Judge on ‘American Idol’ Season 12? (POLL)

Ryan Seacrest confirmed the world’s worst-kept secret on Sunday when he tweeted that Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson will join Mariah Carey at the judges’ table on American Idol Season 12.

Now, as auditions get under way in New York City, Celebuzz wants to know: Who will be the the most valuable expert at the table?

Will Carey hit as many high notes as she does in the studio? Will Minaj steal the show with her many quirks and alter egos? Will Urban channel his wife, Nicole Kidman, and give an Oscar-worthy performance?

Or will Season 12 belong to Jackson, the seasoned veteran who has been running the dog pound from the very beginning?

Cast your vote in the poll, at right, then reveal your choice — and the reason behind it — in the comments.

American Idol Season 12 returns to Fox in January.

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