Amanda Bynes Driving Drama: 5 Latest Developments (PHOTOS)

Amanda Bynes Charged
Amanda Bynes charged with two hit-and-runs.
Trouble continued this week for actress Amanda Bynes.

The 26-year-old starlet once again found herself in a heap of tabloid rumors and allegations — everything from stories about checking into rehab to hiding in dressing rooms for over an hour.

But what’s true, and what’s completely, well, not?

Celebuzz has compiled the latest stories revolving around Bynes  — whose bad behavior behind the wheel has landed her with a DUI charge, two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run and a suspended license  — to find out what’s actually going on with the former Nickelodeon star.

Get the full rundown, below.

1.) Despite reports circulating on Monday, sources tell E! News that Bynes has not checked herself into rehab, nor does she plan to anytime soon.

2.) But what about a conservatorship, a la Britney Spears? That won’t happen either, claim sources for TMZ. According to a report published early Tuesday morning, Bynes is telling friends and family that she is perfectly capable of making decisions for herself. Uh-huh.

3.) Meanwhile, Bynes’ behavior appears to be upsetting her neighbors. “Her house has become dilapidated. It used to be beautiful but she’s let it go to ruin. That’s even getting her into trouble, the homeowners’ association is very annoyed at her. It was a beautiful house and now it looks a state,” a neighbor told E! News on Monday.

4.) Her actions have also upset a Los Angeles-based judge, who has requested that the troubled starlet appear in court on Friday for a hearing about her upcoming DUI case.

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5.) If you thought eating food in a Baja Fresh parking lot for hours was weird, then you haven’t heard about Bynes’ latest reported stunt. According to TMZ, Bynes’ shopping trip to the West Hollywood boutique Kin turned downright bizarre when she remained in the dressing room for one hour and forty-five minutes. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction. At the very least, Bynes seems to have learned a lesson about driving without her license: after shopping, she reportedly asked a Kin clerk to call her a cab (see photos).

Bynes is due in court on Sept. 21. If convicted, she could face up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Stay tuned to Celebuzz for continuing coverage of the Amanda Bynes driving saga.

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