Christina Aguilera Gets Colorful for ‘Your Body’ Teaser (VIDEO)

Xtina's Purple 'Do?
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Xtina's New Album Pic
The singer releases a first look from her upcoming album.
Christina Aguilera is a hitchhiking hippie in the music video for her latest single, “Your Body.”

The singer — and Voice coach — unleashes her inner bohemian bad girl in the video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas. The clip sees Aguilera hitchhiking her way threw the desert as her long, pink-streaked locks flow in the wind. At one point, the diva even causes an explosion.

Despite Aguilera’s zen album title — Lotus — the video feels anything but peaceful. 

“Album title: Lotus. Representing an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives,” the singer tweeted last week, announcing the name her her seventh studio album.

This will be Aguilera’s first record since 2010′s underwhelming Bionic. The singer promises that Lotus will have a little something for everyone.

“Conceptually, I didn’t target one particular sound/genre,” Aguilera tweeted during a Q&A with her fans. “I made [music] that felt good.”