‘End of Watch’ Director David Ayer Dishes on Jake Gyllenhaal’s Sensitive Side (VIDEO)

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He’s good looking, rich and successful — and he’s also sensitive.

Jake Gyllenhaal‘s softer side is being revealed by the director of his newest film, End of Watch. In fact, David Ayer says that the heartthrob’s personality is exactly what landed him the job.

What did he reveal about the A-lister?

“I’ll be honest — he’s sensitive,” Ayer said on the red carpet of the cop flick’s premiere in Los Angeles. “He has a great heart, he’s a fantastic guy and that’s exactly why I wanted him to do this role.”

“I didn’t want the standard issue leading man kind of guy. I wanted somebody with soul.”



In the film, 31-year-old Gyllenhaal and actor Michael Pena play police officers who are marked for death by a Mexican cartel after a routine traffic stop. Ayer also wrote the gritty police film Training Day.

End of Watch — which also stars Anna Kendrick and America Ferrera —  hits theaters on September 21.

View the video above to see what else Ayer had to say about Gyllenhaal.