‘End of Watch’ Star Cody Horn Talks Police Training With America Ferrera and ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Cody Horn, 24, didn’t witness a murder during her police training like her co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, 31, did, but she did witness one major automotive incident. The Magic Mike star trained in preparation for her film End of Watch with America Ferrera, 28, and during a ride-along they were caught in the crosshairs of Grand Theft Auto.

Horn told Celebuzz, “It was interesting, in our ride there was a stolen vehicle so we got to be a part of that.”

What did Horn accidentally let slip on the red carpet?

Horn wasn’t too shaken up after the ordeal, but she did learn one thing from the experience: “To pay attention to detail.”

The actress seemed more nervous on the red carpet than in a police uniform. She mistakenly told another reporter at the premiere that she was at the Magic Mike premiere.

Channing Tatum already confirmed in July that there would be a Magic Mike sequel to Glamour U.K. and added that he and producers are “working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.”

When Celebuzz asked Horn if she would be in the sequel she replied, “I hope we can pull it together, that would be fun but I don’t know anything yet.”

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