Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena on Training for ‘End of Watch’ (VIDEO)

Jake Goes Bald!
Jake Gyllenhaal shaves it off for his latest film.
Although the shoot only lasted a mere 22 days, Jake Gyllenhaal said he spent five months training for his role in the upcoming police drama End of Watch.

“I spent five months on the streets with the LAPD Sheriff’s Department and [the] Inglewood PD — two, three times a week, from 4PM to 4AM,” Gyllenhaal, 31, revealed to Celebuzz at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles.

“I did tactical training with the guy who trained SWAT, named Rick Lopez, who’s also SWAT himself,” he continued. “[My co-star] Michael [Pena] and I did that two times a week, [for] six-hour sessions. We did fight training — dojos in Echo Park … Great MMA fighting five days a week in the mornings.”

“Mike would always pick me up, because he drives in the movie, and I would be in the passenger seat,” he said. “We’d just live this movie as close as we could to the experience. We had five months to prepare for a 22-day shoot.”

In the film, Gyllenhaal and Pena play two police officers who quickly become the target of a dangerous drug cartel.

Since they spend a good chunk of the movie together, Pena said it was important for him and Gyllenhaal to find the right chemistry on screen.

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