‘The Voice’ Recap: The Kids Have Got Talent (VIDEO)

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The blind auditions on Monday’s episode of NBC’s The Voice have shown us that the youth of America has got some major talent under their sleeves.

With six of the chosen performers all under the age of 18, Night 4 of the blind auditions showed the kids definitely have a spark. They covered all genres, provided their own takes on popular songs and just killed it during their performances.

Coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton all adopted at least one of the young ones onto their team in addition to the five other contestants chosen to advance to the battle rounds.

So what were the highlights of Monday’s youth-dominated auditions?

Quirkiness + talent = a trip to the battle rounds. When Melanie Martinez, 17, graced the stage with her slowed down sultry version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” we think everyone took notice. Paired with a guitar, a tambourine at her feet and a unique look, it was a no brainer that this girl would be a legit competitor on the show. Meanwhile, the eccentric Nicholas David’s jazzy and unique version of the classic song, “Stand By Me,” charmed Green into turning his chair around.

Don’t sing your own song. If you want to make a name for yourself outside of your own one-hit wonder, we suggest that you not sing that song for your audition. In one of the most awkward moments of the night, Cupid, 31 sang his own hip-hop line dance hit, “Cupid Shuffle,” and failed to receive any coaches’ support. Upon seeing him, Green even asked, “What are you doing here?” When asked to perform something other than his own song, the singer showed he could belt on a verse of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” Unfortunately for him, it was too little too late.

Shelton will pull out all the stops. There was so much Shelton swaying on Monday’s episode, we had to laugh. Seriously, he could be a politician. After failing to convince single father Brian Scartocci to join his team by listing their similarities of clothing and facial hair (he chose Team Adam.), Shelton took it one step further for contestant Liz Davis. With three of the four coaches’ chairs turned, Shelton pulled out his Academy of Country Music award to convince the cute 25-year-old over to his team and it actually worked.

An invitation to the blind auditions is just that. Two contestants offered invitations to audition for the show didn’t receive any love from the coaches. Dodger fan Tyler Lillestol received his invitation via scoreboard after singing the national anthem at Dodger Stadium but his rendition of Usher’s “You Got it Bad” couldn’t get any of the coaches to take a bite. While twice-signed recording artist and current country club employee, Agina Alvarez, 25, received her personal invitation from Carson Daly while at work. But when she turned up the power in her vocal for her take on “Turn the Beat Around,” she might have gone too far. Though it was a good performance, none of the judges took a chance on her.

“He may be the golden child.” As the last performer of the night, 16-year-old Avery Wilson got the crowd jamming and the coaches smiling when he performed the club jam, “Without You.” Every coach turned around for the smooth R&B singer and heaped tons of praise on to his young shoulders. Aguilera was floored by his performance and told him that you can’t teach what he has. Meanwhile Green referred to him as the “golden child” and even stated, “I can become better by being around you.” In the end, it was Green’s persuasive words that got him hooked.

In addition to Wilson and David, Green also added YouTube sensation, JR Aquina, to his team after a spectacular performance of Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are.” Shelton picked up country cutie Liz David and 15-year-old Kelly Crapa. Team Adam took the majority of the young ones with high school student Alessandra Guerico, Melanie Martinez and Adana Duru in addition to single dad Brian Scartocci. Aguilera rounded out her night with husband and wife duo, Beat Frequency and 16-year-old Paulina.

Who was your favorite audition on Night 4? Which coaches’ team do you think is shaping up the best? Sound off in the comments below!