'The Voice' Replaces Christina Aguilera With Shakira for Season 4: Who Do You Prefer? (POLL)

Who Do you prefer?

The game of musical chairs is continuing on TV's biggest singing competitions.

On Monday, NBC's The Voice announced that singers Usher, 33, and Shakira will replace Cee Lo Green, 38, and Christina Aguilera as coaches for the show's fourth season, until the original two return to their seats.

Who do you prefer as a coach on The Voice?

Shakira, 35, and Aguilera, 31, are both pop stars, both Latina, and both offer a ton of girl power to the male-dominated judges panel.

Season 4 will definitely be a departure for the successful reality show, the always-sassy Aguilera leaves big shoes for Shakira to fill. Do you think she’ll manage or will fans be left wishing that Aguilera had stayed?

Cast your vote in the poll, at right, then reveal your choice — and the reason behind it — in the comments.

The fourth season of The Voice is scheduled to premiere on NBC in early 2013. Currently, Season 3 is airing Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM on NBC.




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  • Byron

    Shakira only has one style? I respect your opinion, but we must look at facts. Shakira is actually the most diverse of the group (Usher, Blake, Adam, and Christina). Her music ranges from pop, electronic, rock, cultural, and folk. Her vocals range from soft, high pitched, low, and powerful. She has an extremely diverse musical appeal and is the most INTERNATIONALLY successful of the group.

  • Iris

    Christina has always shown that she is an exceptional coach. It did not matter if it was for males or females that she was trying to train. She also knew how to pull out the best feature of each contestant and enrich their particular styles. Shakira can sing but she has only one style. That does not make a good coach. Respectfully,