Amanda Bynes Moves DUI Court Hearing to Today, Narrowly Avoids Paying $50,000 Bail

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The Amanda Bynes saga has taken another sharp turn, as the 26-year-old star's lawyer bumps up her pretrial hearing from Friday to today -- reportedly to sidestep a media circus.

Bynes' was to appear before a Los Angeles Superior Court judge in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday, so lawyers from both sides could consult with the judge regarding the upcoming trial for the Easy A actress, who is accused of driving under the influence. But at the last minute, the proceedings were switched moved up to today.

"It was advanced by her lawyer," a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office confirmed to Celebuzz.

At the hearing, the D.A. tried to impose a $50,000 bail against Bynes, who has been repeatedly caught behind the wheel following her alleged drunken crash into a police cruiser in West Hollywood on April 6.

However, the actress has once again been dealt reprieve.

Describing Bynes as a danger on the road, the D.A. requested that a bail be imposed against the actress to deter her from driving again, according to TMZ.

The request comes after Bynes was involved in a series of driving-related infractions following her DUI arrest.

The actress was slapped with a hit-and-run charge following two separate crashes -- and she will appear in Van Nuys' LA Superior Court on Sept. 27 to face those charges.

Although just last week, on Sept. 12, another judge at the same Beverly Hills court made it clear to Bynes' lawyer that the actress was not to drive, the actress four days later, Bynes was pulled over and her car impounded near Burbank Airport for driving on a suspended license.

Still, the judge rejected the D.A.'s bail request, saying the alleged hit-and-run violations occurred before her license was suspended on August 25.

"But the judge was crystal clear ... if Amanda breaks ANY road rules from this day forward, he will impose a high enough bail to get her attention," TMZ reported.


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  • A friend
    A friend

    Here are a few words to describe Amanda. Train wreck, Lilo twin, loser, Minaj wannabe

  • tahoegeminii

    jail time for driving on a suspended and committing hit and runs ON A SUSPENDED-anything else is Hollywood sacrilege-so many californians have done jail time for driving on a suspended for things as petty as unpaid non moving violations-for this "C" to be driving still after suspended for DUI and SEVERAL hit and runs on a suspended is absolute injustice to the rest of us-this judge is a big pussy-grow a set your honor you are currently a brown nosing disgrace to your profession-did you get her autograph for your granddaughter while you had you nose up her but