‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Hamm ‘Directs’ Aimee Mann in Remake of Her Most Famous Music Video (VIDEO)

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To sell her new song “Labrador,” Aimee Mann has enlisted some high-profile help from a guy who knows a few things about advertising:Jon Hamm.

The “Labrador” music video, directed by Tom Scharpling, opens with a supposed behind-the-scenes interview with “Tom Scharpling” (played by the Mad Men star, in a suspicious-looking mustache). The faux Scharpling says it was his brilliant idea for the clip to be a shot-for-shot remake of Mann’s most famous video, the clip she made 27 years ago for “Voices Carry” when she was the frontwoman for ‘Til Tuesday.

The mock interview continues with Mann herself offering a contradictory opinion. “I thought it was a stupid idea and the director seemed so incompetent that I thought I was being pranked,” she says.

She adds that she shot the “Labrador” clip that way only out of legal obligation. (Actually, Mann, 52, is her own boss, distributing “Labrador” and her new album, Charmer, on her own SuperEgo label.)

Which other stars has Mann enlisted for her new videos?

As in the 1985 clip, Mann portrays a musician with an insensitive clod boyfriend. According to Hamm-as-Scharpling, he’s played here by an actor named “Denny Rock,” whom the fictional director praises as a blend of Marlon Brando and Robert Redford.

In truth, Rock is Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, and he’s not likely to make anyone forget Brando, Redford, or the better-looking guy in the “Voices Carry” video.

Hamm isn’t the only cable star appearing in a new Mann video. Last month, she released a video for Charmer’s title track, also directed by the real Tom Sharpling. In that clip, The Daily Show’sJohn Hodgman offers Mann some advice: Since she’s tired of touring, get an android to perform concerts and sign autographs while the real Mann stays home and relaxes. Playing the android (and looking remarkably like Mann) is The Big C star Laura Linney.

The real Mann, not the robot, will be touring the U.S. throughout the next two months, followed by a European tour in early 2013.

How do you think the “Labrador” video compares to the “Voices Carry” video? Better or worse? Sound off below.

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