Kim Kardashian: 'Prestige' Cover Shoot With Khloe (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian blogs about her latest photo shoot with sister Khloe. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star writes on her personal website:

Khloe and I recently did a photo shoot together for the cover of Prestige Magazine in Hong Kong. Shoots with my sisters are always the most fun. I am so blessed that my work involves spending so much time with my family.

I love how these pics turned out!

You can read our interview with Prestige here. Xo




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  • Balogun Ekaniyere Regina
  • clara

    I soooooooooooooo love Khloe,shes so real n beautiful,kip it up da show is borin witout u.dont mind da haters!!!!!

  • Darlene


  • Harold

    Kim and Kendall are fine and Koutney and Kylie are pretty......But, Khloe is Beautiful inside and out Don't hate Kim....Men know a real diamond when they see one Why do you think people got bored with you and Kayne soooo quickly?

  • Harold

    Like I said Khloe is the favorite....and when she leaves the Kardashian reality show soooo goes most of the fans

  • Me

    Khloe I absolutely love the hair!!! Stop standing behind Kim stand in front of her!!!

  • Claudia Reid
    Claudia Reid

    It's great when inner beauty and radiance shines through. Khloe has been painted as the Diamond in the rough for so long.. I am glad PRESTIGE magazine published this shoot. Here's to #Kardashian_sisters_elegance and #Kardashian_realness #TeamKhloe

  • sofiax

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  • Be heard
    Be heard

    It’s really pathetic that even the network news’ are reporting on Kim’s tweets, or what she wore that day and the fact she got a kitten. Let’s make a statement on Friday 9/21 that we’ve had enough of this madness. If you follow any of the Kardashian’s, Kris Jenner or the Jenner girls on twitter or Facebook just to see what foolish thing they did or said or what kind of lies they are trying to make the public believe you need to unfollow them to show just how many people were following them only for that reason. Do not buy any products or services they are involved with. Do not watch any programming that promotes them. Do not click on any internet link that has a story about them. Please let’s make a statement that can be heard loud and clear. We are the ones keeping them in the public eye and we are the only ones that can put a stop to it. If you agree please copy and post this to other articles you read. Help spread the word.

  • Ashley

    Khloe looks amazing!

  • Deniel McLean
    Deniel McLean

    I cant stress how gorg Khloe looks!!! Kim has ntn on her in these pics, she should keep that hair n makeup look cuz it looks really good on her

  • Deniel McLean
    Deniel McLean

    Khloe looks sooo beautiful!!!

  • Deniel McLean
    Deniel McLean

    Khloe looks sooooooooooooooo gorg! I agree Kim is just a shadow in these! :)

  • Evija R
    Evija R

    There are things (clothes) that fits, but that jacket on Kloe fits like a glove ... That jacket is one faaancccy (cowboy accent) thing .

  • Evija R
    Evija R

    love the dress and those gold studs...

  • Tana Musser
    Tana Musser

    love that make up on you Khloe !!!

  • Brianna L. Brown
    Brianna L. Brown

    Khloe looks way prettier than Kim, JS. :)

  • lestat

    kaka koko