Lindsay Lohan Arrested in New York for Leaving Scene of Accident

Lohan Goes Glam for 'Fame'
The actress looks gorgeous at the launch for Lady Gaga's 'Fame.'
Lindsay Lohan was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident early Wednesday morning after she allegedly hit a pedestrian with her vehicle.

According to sources for TMZ, the troubled starlet, 26, hit the knee of a thirtysomething male as she was pulling into her hotel downtown. Someone inside Lohan’s vehicle got out to assess the damages, before everyone went inside. Lohan was later arrested as she was leaving the hotel, at around 2:30AM.

She was released from jail with a desk appearance ticket.

The victim of the incident was reportedly taken the hospital, though visible injuries were not found. Alcohol was not involved, according to TMZ.

Lohan — who was released from formal probation on March 29 after a series of DUI arrests — remains on informal probation for a case in which she was accused of stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles-area jeweler. No word on how Lohan’s latest arrested could affect her probation.

Celebuzz reached out to a rep for Lohan, who had no comment on the story.

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist says the furor over the actress’ Wednesday morning hit-and-run is “much ado about nothing” and the charge against her “will be cleared up in the coming weeks.” On The Daily Buzz, our panel investigates. WATCH FULL SEGMENT BELOW. Watch The Daily Buzz each weekday at 4.30 pm ET.