Martha Stewart Calls Jennifer Aniston’s SmartWater Ad a ‘Bad Example’ and ‘Insensible’ (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston Engaged!
The actress is set to wed beau Justin Theroux.
Jen's SmartWater Ad
The actress spoofs the pregnancy rumors in this viral promo.
Apparently Martha Stewart doesn’t like SmartWater.

Well actually, Stewart really doesn’t like the beverage company’s new viral promo featuring Jennifer Aniston pretending to be pregnant with triplets.

Taking part in the Today show “Take 3 segment with Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales to discuss three attention-grabbing stories, Stewart said of the promo, “I don’t really like it. I just think it makes fun of some things and shows some bad examples to the youth of America.”

So what exactly had the cooking and craft master so up in arms?

Specifically, the bad idea of wrapping a pregnant stomach.

When Roker tried to insinuate that the idea is she’s not pregnant, Stewart then replied, “But people learn from YouTube, they take lessons. It’s funny to a point and then it sort of steps over the bounds, I think, of sensibility.”

Stewart, 71, also took issue with comedian Jimmy Kimmel acting as Aniston’s young son in the ad as there are parents who do have 12-year-olds which may be oversized.

Roker, Guthrie and Morales all appeared to enjoy the ad, calling it, “hilarious.” Roker even told Stewart, “Martha, I think you’re taking this thing a little too seriously.”

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