‘Revenge’ Star Ashley Madekwe on Kate Middleton Nude Photo Scandal: ‘It’s An Invasion of Her Privacy’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Kate's Nude Photo Scandal
Italian magazine Chi to publish images in 26-page edition.
As a rising star in Hollywood, Ashley Madekwe is all too accustomed to the flashing lights of prying paparazzi. But the British actress believes a line was crossed when an as-of-yet unidentified photographer snapped shots of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless while vacationing with her husband, Prince William, in the south of France.

“How do I feel about Kate Middleton’s boobies? I think it’s an invasion of her privacy,” the Revenge star told Celebuzz at NYLON + Sony X Headphones September TV Issue party on Saturday. “They’re her boobies and she was in a private estate so…that’s a little too much.”

And as a U.K. native, Madekwe aches for the Duchess of Cambridge, who is caught up in scandal as the royal family fights back in court against the publications and photographers that are responsible for the dissemination of the revealing photos.

“I’m English, and we respect the royalty,” she said. “I just don’t think it should be done.”

How would Madekwe feel in Middleton’s shoes?

“Would it bother me if it were my boobies? Probably not,” she admits. “But I feel sorry for her.”

Meanwhile, Madekwe — who said “I do” to her longtime love, actor Iddo Goldberg, in June — is preparing for the return of her ABC hit show, Revenge.

“I love doing Revenge and it’s really nice that we have our second season,” she said. “We have new characters this season, so that’s really cool for us to have new characters to interact with because we’re sick of each other right now,” she joked. “It feels good…to work.”

As for her character, social climber Ashley Davenport, Madekwe hopes “she continues down the road of being slightly dark and more and more jealous and envious. I hope she goes really far down that road so we can redeem her at the end.”

And she’s keeping her fingers crossed that the upcoming season doesn’t disappoint the show’s fans. “Sometimes people like it, and sometimes they lose interest,” she admitted of television. “I’m just happy they still like it and I hope they continue to in Season 2.”

Revenge’s second season kicks off Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

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