Ricky Gervais Launches App That May Allow You to Eavesdrop on Celebrity Conversations

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Gervais will join Kaling, Poehler, and others on the dais.
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Ricky's best one-liners from the 2012 awards show.
He may be best known for creating the archetypal inept businessman as writer and star of the original The Office, but in real life, Ricky Gervais is a cutting-edge tech entrepreneur.

The British comic, whose mid-2000s podcast was the breakout hit that made podcasting go mainstream, now has a new app that he believes will have a similar impact on the world of social media.

Called Just Sayin’, the newly-launched app allows users to share on social media sites brief snippets of self-recorded video and audio the way they share tweets and photographs. Sounds simple enough, but Gervais envisions Just Sayin’ being used to bring celebrity conversations to fans’ ears.

How does Just Sayin’ work?

Just Sayin’ allows users to share up to six minutes of live audio or video or 30 minutes of it recorded and Gervais sees this as a way to bring celebrities and fans closer together.

While celebrities already converse with fans through Twitter, they will be able to do it audibly with the new app. They will even be able to chat with each other in groups of two or more and then share the conversation with fans.

Gervais helped CloudTalk founder David Hayden to develop the app. “I’ve had a hand in seeing the development of this new idea of public conversations, and importantly, experimenting with what kinds of conversations work and which don’t,” Gervais told Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog. “I’ve always been fascinated with what fascinates people. I’m quite good at taking in the common consciousness and reflecting it back, I think…. This is just another forum. Another playground. Creativity is all about playing.”

Some celebrities have already tried out the app, including Fox News host Mike Huckabee, soccer star Brandi Chastain, and members of Motley Crue, including Nikki Sixx, who offered a testimonial statement: “I use the Just Sayin’ app as a way to further close the gap between fan and artist. Not only do the fans get to hear my voice directly but I get to hear theirs as well. I love it.”

The app, which is free, works on iPhones and other iOS devices. An Android version is due by the end of the year. For the deskbound, there’s also an HTML version that works on your computer’s Web browser, downloadable at justsayinapp.com

The only drawback? Hearing what your own voice sounds like recorded. “I hate my voice,” Gervais told PopWatch. “In my head, I sound so much more erudite and articulate.”

Gervais is only one of many stars who are also digital entrepreneurs, as you can see by clicking through the gallery at the top of this article. Who do you think is the savviest tech mogul among these famous performers? And what do you think of Gervais’ new app? Sound off below.

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