Selena Gomez Reads Self-Help Book On Making a Marriage Last (PHOTOS)

Bieber's New Book
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The star opens up about Mariah Yeater in his new memoir. Read More »

It’s a far cry from Fifty Shades of Grey, but Selena Gomez may have revealed the secret to her and Justin Bieber’s romance – a self-help book aimed at married couples.

The starlet was seen clutching The 5 Languages of Love: The Secret to Love That Lasts as she left Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood on September 18.

What can she learn from the book?

Designed to reignite or intensify the love in relationships, the tome – written by New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman – is aimed at married couples who are searching for the secret to everlasting love.

Twenty-year-old Gomez has been dating Bieber, 18, for two years. The pair have reportedly purchased land in Tarzana, Calif. to build their dream house together.

If that's the case, Gomez won’t be getting any complaints from Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, who gushed about her son’s girlfriend on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.

“How can you not like her?" Mallette asked. “She’s so sweet and she’s good for him, and they’re great together. They’re adorable.”

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  • TJ

    How does being on a Disney channel show translate into being a 'Hollywood Starlet' exactly. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Fabian Ceniceros
    Fabian Ceniceros

    So far, I know Selena dated someone who was three years older than her and two guys her age. Her ex-boyfriends we're a crab like Selena, an aquarian, and a Virgin. The main reason I hate Justin Bieber is because he's dating her, and he's only two years behind her. She needs someone older than her like me or at least her age. I'm a scorpio and I believe I'm most powerful.

  • Nick Vanocur
    Nick Vanocur

    What's wrong with doing research? She's young and trying to learn and that impresses me.

  • sofiax

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  • tre56

    i want 2 marry selena gomez crying because i can't live without her