Wendy Williams Talks Wearing Wigs, Katie Couric Sit-Down (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

It’s no secret Wendy Williams is all about her wigs. But what’s less known is why the daytime talk show host opts for faux hair.

“[It’s] because I have thyroid disease,” she told Celebuzz in her brightly decorated backstage dressing room at The Wendy Williams Show. “Your thyroid controls the thermometer in your body, [so] there’s hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. The byproduct of thyroid disease is… your hair thins. Each strand is very thin.”

And Williams is not shy in demonstrating the difference between a full head of hair and her threadbare strands. “You put your hair back…and you’ve got a nice thick [ponytail],” she said. “But for me I put my hair back in a ponytail and I have this,” she clarified, while holding up a small handful of her wig tresses. “A big girl like me, what am I doing walking round like this? I’m going to look like a snowman — little head and then I get bigger.”

While her natural locks are “good” and “long,” they’re only for the eyes of her UPS man, she said. “So long as he has no camera phone,” she added with a sly smile.

And it’s that dry sense of humor that helps Williams deal with her disease.

“I’m able to find humor in things,” she admitted. “But to another woman, who is not able to find the spice of life, it would be a devastating thing.”

It’s with that optimistic-yet-realistic attitude that Williams details her thyroid disease’s byproducts, which for her include thinning nails and eyebrows as well as “a touch of Grave’s disease,” an autoimmune disease that affects eye tissue.

“I get a scary stare,” she admits. “The muscles in your eyes get very strong and squeeze, so your eyeball juts a little bit. I do get a little Botox to quiet them. I also have to make a concerted effort with each conversation…to keep my eyes a little dim.”

Williams often speaks out on the disease in hopes of reaching those who struggle with such symptoms. In fact, she joined Katie Couric on her new daytime talker for her “hair show,” said Williams. “She had various people who talked hair, and I happened to be the wig person.”

And she was more than happy to help out her fellow talk show host.

“I love Katie,” Williams gushed. “She’s my kind of gal. She’s accomplished. She’s well-spoken. But she’s fun. And fun is no good without having accomplishments behind you, in my opinion. So she’s my kind of girl.”

Though Williams is full of fun and games, she admitted that she struck a serious note during her Katie episode. “In with the laughter and jokes,” she said, “I always make sure people understand…that it is from a disease. Wigs are my alternative — get your thyroid checked.”

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