‘Awkward’s’ Jillian Rose Reed Predicts Finale Will Cause a Fan ‘War for the Cute Boys on Our Show’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Awkward' S2 Finale
The cast discuss what to expect on the MTV show's season-ender.
Here we are again: Another season finale for MTV’s Awkward in which Jenna (Ashley Rickards) finds herself having to make a decision between good guy Jake (Brett Davern) and sex pot Matty (Beau Mirchoff).

And the teen comedy isn’t going to play with our emotions before revealing what Jenna lands on. “We’re going to pick up with Jenna’s decision,” Jillian Rose Reed, who plays Jenna’s outlandish best friend Tamara, tells Celebuzz when she stopped by our Hollywood studio recently.

“Flat out, Jenna’s going to decide,” she continues. “We’re not going to leave you hanging throughout the whole episode. So, we’re going to know right away and the finale follows, you’re going to get to see the aftermath of her decision.”

But, how does Reed think viewers will react to Jenna’s decision?

“I think people are going to be split down the middle,” she predicts. “Because once we have the decision, those Team Jakers and those Team Matty people are just going to like explode and there’s going to be Twitter conversations all over the place. I mean, people are going to be really excited.”

But, she does have an appeal to the MTV show’s fandom.

“Obviously, if you follow the story of Jenna, you’re going to be happy for Jenna regardless because she’s making a decision that she thinks is going to make her happy,” she says. “So, my hope is that fans are going to be like, ‘OK, we get it Jenna.’ But, there’s obviously going to be a war for the cute boys on our show.”

What else is going down on the season finale? Tamara throws a drama-filled house party! Plus, it looks like the show will be opening the door to exploring some different characters in its upcoming supersized Season 3.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on at this party just with Jenna and Tamara,” the 20-year-old teases. “A lot of interesting stuff for characters you might not expect interesting stuff to happen with.”

But, wait, what about the person who has been commenting anonymously on Jenna’s blog all season? “You’re going to find out who the mysterious commenter is,” Reed assures us.

“We’ve been dropping hints a little bit along the way that I’m not so sure people have picked up on yet,” she continues. “Because [show creator] Lauren Iungerich is an amazing writer and she’s very sneaky. But, you will find out and you’ll discover that it is this voice of reason for Jenna. And I think people are going to be, ‘Oh, now, I get it.’ ”

Watch more from our interview on the Season 2 finale above.

Awkward’s season finale airs Thursday at 10:30 PM on MTV.

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