Backstreet Boys Wish One Direction, The Wanted Best of Luck: 'Stay on Your Own Path' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Backstreet Boys
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BSB is Back!
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Backstreet's back — and shining brighter than ever.

After six years apart, the '90s fan-favorite quintet is making a comeback. The fab five — Nick Carter, A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson — have reunited to record a brand-new album in honor of their 20th anniversary, joining forces in the studio for the first time since 2005.

And the best-selling boy band ever — having sold more than 130 million albums worldwide — are out to prove they can still make fans swoon with their longing lyrics, pitch-perfect harmonies and classic dance moves.

"I think we want to defy Father Time and just keep moving," Carter told Celebuzz at Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans fashion show in New York City. "You can call it our reunion album, but we really have never quit. [You] can’t stop. Once you stop, you get old."

How have the guys stuck together after all these years?

"I don't know if we necessarily have a secret other than just good chemistry," Carter confessed. "I think we love our music. We love what we do."

Richardson credits their collective "persistence" for the group's longevity. After spending years focusing on solo albums, starring in reality shows and starting families, the Backstreet Boys have their nose to the grind for their forthcoming album, due out in 2013. And they promise this record will be more mature than earlier work.

“We just came back from London on a three-week writing trip," explained Richardson. "So far, the songs that we’re writing are kind of personal. I wrote one about my son. Whether it makes the album or not, we’re not sure. We’re still in a creative phase where we’re writing and experimenting."

"We want it to be a personal album about what’s happening in our lives now," he continued. "A.J. is getting ready to be a father. Howie, Brian and myself are fathers already. So we're just trying to make it a personal record."

So what advice does Backstreet — who have been making female fans scream since before Justin Bieber was even born — have for new-to-the-scene boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted?

"Just stay on your own path," said McLean. "We’ve stayed true to ourselves and here we are 20 years later. Just stay on your own path and you do your own kind of thing. And we all wish them the best of luck."

Do you think the new boy bands can last 20 years? Sound off in comments.

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  • Nikki

    Now I'm sure I've seen 2 bsb tours and an NKOTBSB tour since 2005. Kevin left in 2005 the other guys carried on and gave us some amazing records to sing along to. These writers need to realise the band didn't finish with Kevin

  • lalala

    why did the video say backstreet boys reunited, ultimate boyband back together? they've been back since 2005 and have released 3 albums since then... these people need to do more research about the guests they bring on...

  • Tracy Lynn Medsker
    Tracy Lynn Medsker

    None of the boy bands will come as close as the backstreet boys did. They will forever remain the best boy band in the entire world. You even forgot about Midnight Red! That young boy band became noticed when they opened for NKOTBSB <3333

  • BBfrack

    I totally agree with the other comment... I hate how this makes it sound like the two album the other four boys released (with tours) as well as the tour with NKOTBSB was nothing... The whole they did solo stuff, had family, reality tv etc, was more in regards to the pause they had between 2001 and 2005 and 2005 and now (because they did solo stuff and babies WHILE touring as the bsb) !

  • Jenna

    Agreed, the and definitely did not split up in 2005. In fact, the Backstreet Boys produced two amazing albums and did a collaboration tour (complete with 2 new singles) with New Kids on the Block during that 6 year period. Oh, and not to mention the solo albums that all four of the then-remaining members released in that time as well. We'll count AJ's, even though it was only released in Japan.

  • Revolennon

    Whoever wrote this needs to amend the first paragraph to not make it sound like the entire band broke up in 2005. Kevin left the band in 2005, no one else. The other four guys continued without him, they didn't break up.