Charlie Sheen is ‘So Grateful’ to Have ‘Anger Management’, Says Co-Star Daniela Bobadilla (VIDEO)

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After a spiraling downfall that cost him his spot as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is “grateful” to have a second season of Anger Management, according to a co-star.

Daniela Bobadilla, 19, — an unashamed huge fan of Sheen — revealed the 47-year-old controversial actor admitted to her, “Yeah it happened, but I’m done with it.”

Bobadilla added, “It happened in the past, right? So, we’re keeping busy with the show and he’s having so much fun. He’s just so grateful to have his other opportunities” — such as their lucky pick up for 90 more episodes on FX.

Sheen even amuses Bobadilla when he doesn’t mean to. How?

“Not to be cliché, but he [Sheen] is just so much fun. Literally he’ll just say something and it will be funny and he won’t even know it’s funny but he’ll laugh at it too,” she gushed of her fave co-star.

“He’s such a kid.”

Surely, we will get a taste of Sheen’s naive side in the upcoming episodes — Bobadilla mentioned that the titles of the shows are “epic.”

And what else is epic?

Apparently Miley Cyrus’ haircut was noteworthy enough for the young star to discuss with Celebuzz at Variety’s 6th Annual Power of Youth event on Saturday.

Relating Cyrus’ massive hair swap with the charity she was representing — 46 Mommas, an organization where women shave off their hair in support of kids who have cancer — Bobadilla noted:

“Women rely a lot on their hair and they have to know that they’re beautiful either way whether they have hair or not,” continuing, “I mean Miley Cyrus feels even more beautiful after shaving her head, so go her!”

Bobadilla, on the other hand, would not be able to get away with such a drastic change, joking to Celebuzz that the Anger Management team would “murder her” if she went off with it all.

See what else Daniela dished about Miley, Charlie, and such in the video above.