Courtney Stodden Transforms Her Look... for 'Playboy'? (PHOTOS)


Is Courtney Stodden trying to win a spot in Playboy with a total makeover?

The bombshell debuted a new look on Wednesday, straying away from the tanning booths and massive hoop earrings. She even looks a little younger -- or more like her actual age of 18.

Glamming it up for a shopping date with her hubby, Green Mile actor Doug Hutchinson, 52, Stodden showed off her platinum blonde locks and a figure-hugging red mini dress, plus a matching purse and pout.

Was her transformation inspired by her fascination with Hugh Hefner?

TMZ previously reported that the teen bride had her sights set on Playboy, but according to the site's sources, "No offer has been made to Stodden nor will one EVER be made...Stodden doesn't meet the standards of a Playboy model [because she looks too] enhanced."

Stodden's new look is certainly more along the lines of former Playboy bunnies such as Kendra Wilkinson.

She even appeared more sculpted, but she didn't lose all of her trademark style. Stodden was still rocking a pair of sky-high stripper heels.

What do you think of Stodden's new look? Weigh in below and click through our gallery to see more of the bombshell.




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  • vicktor

    christina aguilara?

  • ashley

    Does anyone else think her look mimics Shayne Dahl Lamas-Richie??

  • Eva

    This is sad.. this girl thinks shes a object to be looked at and used. All she needs to do is lose the revealing clothing, cut her extensions and go for a more natural hair colour! I feel bad that she thinks this looks sexy! She needs to have more self confidence in herself and in a more natural look!

  • Carey Kelly-Feldman
    Carey Kelly-Feldman

    The funniest thing about this set of pictures is the poor normal folks in the background going "WUHHHHH????" Rofl

  • Carey Kelly-Feldman
    Carey Kelly-Feldman

    His boobs are almost as big as hers

  • Angie

    trash trash trash. This girl claims to have saved lives by dressing like a stripper on welfare. Disgusting...

  • Heino

    Red does become the little harlot

  • Auntie D
    Auntie D

    I agree this look is way better, still doesn't hide the fact she's too trashy for her age. It's a shame

  • paul

    I absolutely DESPISED her. But with that said, I can't help but say she looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture. This new transformation is a really good step forward for her

  • Guest

    Anna Nicole was in Plaboy/Guess Jeans ad FIRST, then became the sad trainwreck she was. Courtney seems to think she must act like a trainwreck celebrity to become a model, actress whatever... What she fails to see is that some of those that became famous became famous on talent first, then took the celebrity status a bit too far. Lindsay Lohan, for ex. You need talent, Courtney. Good, you worked on the face, now ditch the stripper shoes, get some designer clothing and take some classes or work with a coach. And, please get over yourself!

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    Have you noticed that since she got of age you hardly hear of her anymore? It's over before it has begun. It just doesn't pay off to let gross old d-list-actors pound you. It never pays off, bitches. Remember that. LOL

  • K*dogg

    I agree that we need to stop putting these untalented hooker hacks on a pedestal. But honestly, when it comes to looks & personality, wasn't Anna Nicole Smith in Playboy? She was as fake as they come. What's any different about this new bimbo?? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great they don't want her in there, but the reasoning is kinda strange to me..

  • Bork bork
    Bork bork

    Why are all these pictures as if someone was walking backwards in front of them taking pics for 10 minutes. Candid my ass, nice try. The paps still dont care and we know it. She does look much better though!

  • Bec Elmes
    Bec Elmes

    agreed, people need to stop posting storys about her in the media, even if they get paid by the d-list couple. just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    And why would Playboy change their minds? They don't want her, they made it clear. Whereas, Krista stated they have a lot of respect for Playboy, Playboy & most of the country obviously does not have a lot of respect for Courtney. It isn't just about the look. It is about personality (nix the narcissism & self-entitlement), attire (ditch the hooker look) & acquired celebrity without no-talent, lying, do anything fame-whoring. Bombshell? Wow, someone @ Celebuzz is delusional. We need Courtney & Celebuzz to stop contributing to dumbing down of society.

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Misty Gracie I was first! Suck on that.... Anyway she looks heaps better BUT Playboy needs to say NO forever just to teach these no talent wanna be's that there is NO SHORTCUT to getting in to Hollywood AND you need to be like-able. This girl is not. People hate on her for a reason: She's a mean girl. Do you hear that Lauren Wales????