Johnny Depp Performs His Own Stunts On-Set of ‘Lone Ranger’ (PHOTOS)

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Johnny Depp, dressed as his Lone Ranger character Tonto, performed his own high-flying stunts while filming his upcoming wild West action flick in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The actor was seen leaping from train to train as he played the Native American spirit warrior during one particular adrenaline-pumping scene.

What can fans expect from Lone Ranger? 

Depp has played everything from dirty pirates and clueless vampires to eccentric chocolatiers and mad hatters, but in Lone Ranger he’ll step into the role of Tonto, the Native American companion to Armie Hammer‘s masked ex-Texas Ranger.

Based on the popular radio show-turned-television program from the 1950s, Lone Ranger follows this dynamic duo as they fight for justice in the Old West.

“What was exciting for me was to play the classic character of Tonto,” Depp said during an interview at CinemaCon 2012. “To take that shape, let’s say, and mess around with it… It is a very rock ‘n’ roll  version of The Lone Ranger. It’s very fast-paced. It’s high-velocity, and it’s also quite funny.”

The film is set to hit theaters on July 3, 2013. Lone Ranger also stars Depp’s frequent on-screen partner Helena Bonham Carter as Red.