Meet Sofia Vergara’s Other Man: Ricardo Chavez (EXCLUSIVE)

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They laughed, they danced, they cried, they broke up and they made up — and now Celebuzz is revealing the inside story about Sofia Vergara’s other man.

Telenovela star Ricardo Chavez  stars with the Modern Family star — who recently said yes to real-life boyfriend Nick Loeb’s marriage proposal — in her hilarious Covergirl Lash Blast commercial.

While relatively unknown in America, the 46-year-old Latino actor has been in a whopping 18 soap operas, 21 plays and eight movies — and has even written a book.

Chavez sat down with Celebuzz to reveal what it is like to work with the stunning Vergara.

“She is funny — I know Sofia from a long time ago back when we were in Miami 20 years ago,” he told Celebuzz.

And in those two decades, Vergara has come a long way.

“At that time she was fighting for a spot on Hispanic TV, but not now,” Chavez said.

Has the starlet  changed?

“Of course people change — well, not everyone — but she has changed a little bit. Now she is surrounded by five people and is a diva queen,” Chavez said with a laugh.

While filming the ad, Vergara showed both her “diva” side and her comedic chops, with the recently engaged actress and Chavez improvising much of the commercial.

They also showed off their dancing moves.

“I worked with choreographer Tony (Meredith) from So You Think You Can Dance. That was great and we rehearsed for two days,” he said. “The dancing was interesting for me, as I used to be a ballet dancer a long time ago, so it wasn’t so hard for me.”


But it wasn’t as easy for Vergara.

“We had rehearsed a lot and Sofia has a particular personality,” Chavez said. “After two days of rehearsing, we showed her and she was like ‘Nah, nah, nah. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to do what I want,’ but in a funny way.”

“So we did something simple for her — what we invented at the last minute is what you see on the camera.”


Despite knowing each other for two decades, it was the first time Chavez has worked with Vergara — and he says he would love to again.

“But now I know she takes a few hours for make up (so I’ll turn up later),” he joked.

Check out Vergara and Chavez’s Covergirl commercial below.