‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Stars Joanna Krupa and Lea Black Dish New Girls and Cat Fights (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'RHOM' Sneak Peek
Bravo releases a heated S2 trailer.
Supermodel Joanna Krupa may be new to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami, but she’s not going to be a wallflower.

On Thursday’s all-new Real Housewives of Miami, supermodel Krupa gets into a fight with Season 1 star Adriana De Moura, and the result isn’t pretty.

“I speak my mind. If someone gets on my nerves, I will let them have it,” Krupa told Celebuzz. “Adriana and I had a conflict relating to another girl on the show. I was trying to be a friend and defend her, but right away, Adriana got in my face, and maybe I said a few things that p—ed her off.”

What else does Krupa have to say about the first cat fight of the season?

“It became physical, which I’ve never done before in my life,” she said. “That’s unfortunate that it got so far. For the viewers, it will be fun, but for me, it wasn’t fun. I’m not proud of it, but you mix some alcohol and some crazy women in a room, and something’s going to happen.”

When she’s not fighting with her castmates, Krupa is juggling her career and her relationship with her fiance of five years, Romain Zago. For most Housewives, the pressure of reality TV puts a strain on their relationships with their significant others. So is Krupa worried about her and Zago’s future?

“That didn’t even cross my mind,” she said. “That was the least of my worries! … A lot of people that break up after reality shows, [the show] just sped up the breakup.” Krupa revealed that this season, viewers will see her and her beau go through many ups and downs.

“If he can’t stick with her through the show, then he can’t stick with her. Period,” added Krupa’s Real Housewives co-star Lea Black, who also sat down with Celebuzz to chat about Season 2.

According to Black, viewers will want to stick around until later in the season, where things heat up between Krupa and her man. “The problem with Romain is that he’s just so damn beautiful, you’ve got to forgive him for whatever he does,” Black explained.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Thursdays at 9 PM on Bravo. Watch the video above for the full Season 2 scoop.

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