Salma Hayek's Cleavage Distracts Oliver Stone at 'Savages' Photocall (PHOTOS)

eyes up here, oliver!
Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone at the 'Savages' Photocall in London

Salma Hayek was busting out of her low-cut dress at the Savages U.K. photocall Wednesday, and her director Oliver Stone certainly took notice.

The esteemed filmmaker was snapped ogling the 46-year-old Oscar nominee's assets as the two posed for photographers on the red carpet at London's Mandarin Oriental hotel.

How did Hayek react when she caught the director staring at her curves?

The sexy actress, who wore a sleek blue and burgundy dress with matching platform heels, acted like a complete pro and laughed off Stone's moment of weakness.

After all, he's not the only Hollywood star who's been spotted checking out the ladies. From Ashton Kutcher to David Beckham, many celebs have indulged in a prolonged stare or two when in the company of gorgeous females.

Launch the gallery below to see who has been busted on camera.



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  • UP OP
    UP OP

    MEANWHILE, even as CHEM-trails and FUKISHIMA cesium choke the skies and full-blown police state surveillance is a reality- - - the once a soldier ----Oliver Stone delivers -done-to-death '80's Show' demoralization ops on this --the- - - ------'mysteriously overlooked'----- -------------60th Anniversary------------ of the --------------KOREAN WAR--------------- STONE ----IS AWOL!

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe

    You can really see that he is in love with his wife. I know that is probably not the comment you hacks are looking for.

  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales

    Ollie singing, "It's a real cutie, a Mexican beauty, how it got here I haven't a clue..."

  • Daniel Morseth
    Daniel Morseth

    What a pervert - no class at all. MOST of us see pretty women in our everyday lives, but we don't ogle and grope their breasts.

  • mike

    Even Hollywood Liberals have a sense of entitllement. I'm certain he assumed that because he is a producer/director that he has the right to grope anyone he wishes.

  • Morphy Smith
    Morphy Smith

    anyone who associates with crackpot paranoid Oliver, deserves whatever happens.

  • Tony

    Are you on crack? She's 46, not 6. And from the only pic I saw where it looked like he was staring and touching, it could just as easily have been him leaning down to hear her and him moving his hands. From that angle, that is a possibility without knowing exactly what happened. If the article is going to say all that happened, then post the pic to back it up.

  • Norma Stefanciosa
    Norma Stefanciosa

    Ewwww! A 66 year old stiffy. Now that's what I call an assault with a dead weapon! LOL!

  • cowbulls

    I have yet to hear Selma complaining about the attention. I find it laughable when a woman dresses to accent a body part and then gets upset when it works. My guess is the author of this article is the one upset that a woman’s body is being used for career gains. Welcome to Hollywood.

  • tufenuf55

    He and Rupig S. should get together. I'm sure they have a lot in common. For crying out loud, Oliver, she's married with a child!

  • Jim Dea
    Jim Dea

    dirty old man. Salma is HOW OLD?????

  • pedro

    I love Salma