‘The Mob Doctor’ Preview: An Old Flame Saves Grace From Trouble at Work (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'The Mob Doctor': 2 Lives
The creators of the FOX show talk Grace's two lives.
Things are continuing to get sticky for Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) on FOX’s The Mob Doctor as her two lives are meshing more than she’d like.

The show, about a doctor who is forced to repay her brother’s debt to the Chicago mob keeps putting its main character in some situations requiring morally ambiguous and professionally damaging decisions. On Episode 1 alone, mobster Paul Moretti (guest star Michael Rappaport) attempted to coerce her to kill a patient in the operating room.

In an exclusive Celebuzz clip of the second episode, it looks like Grace’s secret life is about to make a big dent in her professional career.

So what happens with Grace and her boss?

Ordering an inordinate amount of tests on a 92-year-old patient has raised the eyebrows of her superior.

When he threatens to write her up for running these unnecessary tests and “over-empathizing“ with the patient, a familiar face comes to the rescue.

Grace’s former boyfriend and right hand man of mobster Constantine Alexander (William Forsythe), Franco (James Carpinello), lies for Grace. Using what appear to be his best intimidation skills, he tells the doc that the patient is his grandfather and if he has a problem with how she’s treating him, he can take it up with him.

Uh-oh Grace.

In case you missed the premiere of The Mob Doctor, you can download the pilot episode for free on iTunes or stream it on Hulu.

The Mob Doctor airs Mondays at 9 PM on FOX.

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