‘Up All Night’ Creator and Cast Preview Sean Hayes, Rachel Dratch and 5 Changes for Season 2

SNL Newbies
Maya Rudolph has some advice for the newcomers.
NBC’s returning comedy, Up All Night, about two young parents who are trying to continue their hip lives and careers despite the challenges of having a young child returns for its second season on Thursday.

Celebuzz recently visited the show’s set in Los Angeles during shooting to speak with show creator Emily Spivey and castmembers Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph about what viewers can expect on Season 2.

Despite some big changes both professionally and personally for the characters on the upcoming season, the young couple’s desire to stay hip remains the same. “I think [we’re maturing] a little bit, but we’re still trying to keep one foot in the cool zone,” Arnett says.

“Which makes them so dorky in its own right,” Applegate interjects.

But what does change on Season 2?

1. The “Ava Show” has been canceled. This may be the most pivotal change for the comedy this season as it affects pretty much everyone’s storylines. Why did they decide to cancel Ava’s show? “We wanted to put [Reagan] in the domestic world a little bit,” Spivey explains. “We wanted to see her be a bit more aspirational in that at work she was just nailing it and I wanted to see her have to struggle a little bit and learn something new just so we can see another facet of her as opposed to her just going into the workplace just handing problems. I wanted to see her be presented with problems that she may not be able to handle so well.”

2. Chris and Reagan switch roles. “Once the Ava Show was canceled, Reagan’s mom instincts kind of took over and wanted to be at home and it just naturally happened that way,” Arnett, whose character will go back to work with Reagan’s brother played by Luka Jones, says. “So, there’s a really nice give and take between the characters and it gives us a chance to explore different stories.”

But, how does Reagan deal with the switch? Spivey says, “She’s kind of trying to kind of ‘Type A’ produce Amy, but she’s learning that she’s got to go with the flow a little more than when she was producing at a television show.”

3. Chris has a hard time dealing with his separation from baby Amy. “He has frustration, because he does feel that hole because he was at home early on when Reagan was back at work,” Arnett says. “After she had the baby, Chris really picked up a lot of slack. He was in a lot of ways the primary caregiver during the day. And now that he’s kind of going back into the workforce, he’s having a tough time adjusting on a personal level with separation anxiety from the kid.”

4. Ava is taken down a few notches. “She’s struggling with things like how to be on a budget, sort of having to de-diva herself a little bit,” the show’s creator reveals. “She’s always had 30 assistants doing things for her and now she has to do things for herself a little bit and having to make amends with the people in her life that she may have mistreated or ignored.”

Meanwhile, Rudolph is all for Ava’s new scaled down life. “We made her such a megalomaniac,” she says. “I think she’s ripe for any territory and it will be really fun to see her sort of invested in the idea that perhaps she might have been a little bit full of herself. So, sort of 12-stepping in a sober egomaniac’s version.”

5. Meet the new “Laverne and Shirley.” Will & Grace star Sean Hayes will be starring in a recurring role as Ava’s old accompanist, Walter. “I grew up obsessed about Laverne & Shirley and it’s that style,” Spivey says of Ava and Walter’s relationship. “They’re both show people and just like to do things in a big way and they’re always in trouble a little bit with the people around them. They don’t know how to interact with mankind.”

“I think she realizes that after having him out of her life for so long, they actually have a really great connection,” Rudolph says of her and Hayes’ characters’ friendship. “It’s really fun. It’s so much fun.”

6. Prepare for a Saturday Night Live reunion when Rachel Dratch guest stars. “Part of Ava’s journey into normal life-dom was her getting rid of a ton of Ava show stuff that she was kind of hoarding in a way and clinging to the show emotionally and clinging to all these things,” Spivey reveals of Dratch’s role. “She has a yard sale and Rachel comes over and is like a super fan and ends up buying a ton of her stuff. And then Ava realizes, ‘Wait, I’m not ready to get rid of everything.’ So, then she has to convince Rachel to sell back and Rachel doesn’t want to.”

7. Meet the neighbors. Aside from the return of Ben Falcone as cool gay neighbor, Justin, as well as clingy couple Gene (Matt Braunger) and Terry (Jean Villepique), the show will be expanding into the hood. “We’re trying to establish the friends and family you’ll see every week,” Spivey shares. “So, it’s not just Chris and Reagan and guest characters… You’ll see that it really feels like a community.”

Up All Night debuts its second season on Thursday at 8:30 PM on NBC.

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